MEDIA FAIL: New Poll Shows Majority of Swing-State Voters Say Economy ‘Better Off’ Under Trump

October 19th, 2023 12:43 PM

American voters continue to repudiate the media’s seemingly never-ending attempts to slap lipstick on the grotesque pig that is Bidenomics.

Morning Consult and Bloomberg News released their latest survey Oct. 19 of 5,023 registered voters from seven crucial swing states which showed former President Donald Trump trouncing President Joe Biden when it came to the economy.

When voters were asked under which president was the country’s economy "better off," 51 percent of respondents picked Trump over Biden, who got an embarrassing 35 percent. That’s a sixteen percentage point disparity. But it gets worse for Biden. 

Morning Consult also asked voters specifically about the merits of Bidenomics. In response, a plurality (49 percent) of respondents rebuked the administration’s hodgepodge of inflation-stimulating policies as being “bad for the economy.”

Another plurality (49 percent) of respondents said they trusted Trump over Biden on the economy. A whopping 74 percent of respondents also said the economy was headed in the “wrong direction.” Axios, which reported on the new poll, summarized that “[v]oters in the top seven swing states are rejecting the Bidenomics message that's central to President Biden's reelection bid.”

This is harrowing news for the Bidenomics apologists at outlets like CNN and The Washington Post, who have been fixated on trying to shove the concept down the American people’s throats. Dense Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Will Bunch absurdly suggested recently that the problem with Bidenomics was that it “didn’t go far enough.” The unhinged former Clinton administration Labor Secretary — Robert Reich — even went on MSNBC in August to blather about how Americans were supposedly living in a “goldilocks economy.”

Leftist New York Times economics blowhard Paul Krugman lambasted voters for not accepting his conveyor belt of pro-Bidenomics nonsense that continued to run like clockwork even in the midst of America battling an inflation crisis. Krugman frustratingly stated in an Oct. 5 op-ed that he has “been trying to make sense of negative public perceptions of the economy since the beginning of last year.“ To Krugman’s dismay, “Americans, by a wide margin, tell pollsters that Republicans would be better than Democrats at running the economy. Will they continue to believe that? The fate of the nation may depend on the answer.” 

Even First Lady Jill Biden’s former Press Secretary Michael LaRosa recently advised the president not to focus his campaign messaging on the economy because voters clearly weren’t buying it. It’s clear the media’s Bidenomics propaganda marathon isn’t working either because voters are seeing through the facade: You can plaster lipstick on a pig, make it wear pants and teach it to walk on two legs, but it’s still a pig. 

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