Clueless WashPost Claims GOP Should ‘Rethink Attacks on Biden Economy’

July 26th, 2023 11:44 AM

The Washington Post is either too blinded by ineptitude to realize how bad President Joe Biden’s economy really is or is just content making pathetic attempts to deceive readers. 

The Post economics reporter Jeff Stein wrote a ludicrous July 26 news item headlined, “As inflation falls, GOP may have to rethink attacks on Biden economy.

Stein suggested that the “message” of Biden’s poor economic stewardship undergirded by 40-year high inflation “may no longer be as powerful.” Stein zeroed in on how inflation rates have eased from nine percent last year to three percent in June.

But what Stein glosses over is the reality that prices are still rising, not falling as his misleading headline suggests. The difference is that prices are not rising as aggressively as they were before. In fact, as The Heritage Foundation Research Fellow EJ Antoni pointed out July 24, “Inflation remains more than twice what it was when Mr. Biden became president, and prices have already risen 16% during his term.”  

“The American people are smarter than Jeff Stein lets on,” said MRC Business Director Michael Morris. “They see the prices at the pump are still higher now than when former President Donald Trump was in office; they see that the cost of groceries and household goods continue to rise; and they feel the pinch in their pocketbook when they pay their monthly energy bills. All these things — and more — continue to demonstrate the painful truth about Bidenomics that the media repeatedly tell them to ignore.”

Stein conveniently buried the point about prices rising 16 percent since Biden took office in the 12th paragraph of his story. He also repeated the poppycock that inflation was falling throughout his article. “[I]t’s unclear how voters will react to inflation that was high but is falling, leaving experts guessing as to exactly how the economy will influence the 2024 campaigns,” claimed Stein summarizing the sentiments of Michigan State University Institute for Public Policy and Social Research Director Matt Grossman. It only takes a brief glance at the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank’s FRED data to see how absurd Stein’s argument about “falling” inflation is.

Stein also attempted to mislead readers by suggesting that worker’s wages were now starting to keep up with inflation. “Inflation rose faster than earnings for most of Biden’s presidency, meaning most Americans were getting poorer. But for the past two months, real wages have risen, although economists caution the trend has just begun and could be reversed,” wrote Stein. Again, this leaves out key details. Antoni noted that the Biden White House’s own data “show that the average American worker’s wages were effectively reduced over $4.50 an hour last month via the hidden tax of inflation.” As Antoni revealed, workers paid a “13.5% inflation tax” last month, which is the equivalent of paying a “second income tax.” 

It appears that the truth about so-called Bidenomics also “Dies in Darkness” for the clueless Washington Post. 

Conservatives are under attack. Contact The Washington Post at 202-334-6000 and demand it tell the truth about Bidenomics and inflation.