Not a Hollywood Horror Story: Actor Loves Making Hallmark Movies

November 21st, 2018 12:50 PM

Hollywood has become synonymous with cynicism, entitlement, hypocrisy and group think. Its products and its people seem to be in a race to the bottom.

Then there’s Kristoffer Polaha, who seems to be none of those things and (shockingly) he’s actually quite successful. In a guest column for The Hollywood Reporter, Polhala says he has achieved great satisfaction in his career not by appearing in blockbuster network series after blockbuster network series, but by becoming a mainstay in Hallmark movies -- Dec. 16 will mark the release of his fifth Hallmark movie.

Polhala admits that he was reluctant at first to do any work for Hallmark, whose channels have traditionally been the haunt of senior citizens and the families of their grandchildren. But after doing one film with them (The Dater’s Handbook), Polhala and his wife became convinced that Hallmark practiced “love” where other networks did not -- in their loyalty to their audiences as well as their actors. Writes Polaha:

Hallmark operates on loyalty and they created a new business model in our industry. Mildly put, I love acting for Hallmark ... Love is the theme of every Hallmark movie. The leads fall in love every time ...The audience knows what’s going to happen, and yet, it’s that familiarity that’s drawing them in.

Polhala mentions that his Hallmark films are by far the ones that get him the most notoriety nowadays, and don’t sacrifice family-friendliness to get him there. He relates that “... I am leaning into Hallmark because it’s fun to sit with my 7-year-old and show him what I do for a living … I’m leaning in because my 91-year-old Nana finally thinks I’ve made it in Hollywood because I’m on Hallmark.”

Polaha concludes with “... if you haven’t indulged yet, perhaps this is your year to go where the love is.” Sage advice.