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MSNBC’s resident “boy genius” Ronan Farrow made a backhanded slap at our men and women in uniform by referring to the military commissions set up to try unlawful enemy combatants as “kangaroo courts.”

On Tuesday afternoon’s edition of Ronan Farrow Daily, the host was joined by Maryland Democratic Congressman Chris Van Hollen to discuss Ahmed Abu Khattala capture and where the alleged mastermind behind the deadly September 11, 2012, attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi could possibly be tried. Van Hollen argued for having him tried in a civilian federal criminal court over a military tribunal. Farrow agreed with him because of the “perception” that our military courts have given the world.

On Tuesday, the Washington Free Beacon reported that Xerox is funding MSNBC’s new “30 Seconds to Know” initiative. It’s MSNBC’s version of VOX which offers 30 second videos of MSNBC pundits explaining the news. Clearly, reasonable, restrained MSNBC journalists are the best people for that job.

Ursala Burns, the CEO of Xerox, as the Free Beacon pointed out, is a staunch supporter and financial donor to the Democrat Party and is ranked as one of the worst CEO’s in the country.

Just a few days ago NewsBusters noted that Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon has started making subtle jabs at President Obama.

In last night's monologue he joked with the crowd about the president's recent annual physical checkup, taking a swipe at ObamaCare. The president, Fallon deadpanned, had complained about some pain in his right foot, but, "when asked why he doesn't get it treated, Obama said it's not covered by ObamaCare."

In a desperate effort to tout the collapse of the Republican Party, guest host of The Last Word, Ari Melber was joined by Howard Dean and David Frum on Monday evening to discuss the lack of serious ideas coming from the right. According to the MSNBC liberals, the fearful Tea Party wants to go back to a pre-Civil War America.

The guests swapped theories on the relationship between the GOP and the Tea Party. Howard Dean used the textbook MSNBC talking point that the Tea Party is just frustrated that the people leading the country “don’t look like them anymore.”

Taking time out of his busy golfing schedule to speak to graduates at the University of California Irvine this weekend, President Obama seized the moment as a way to "light a fire under" the graduates to get them to enlist in his regulation-heavy government-led climate change crusade.

The president spent a significant amount of time discussing what his administration has done thus far to combat climate change, what they plan on doing, and how the graduates can help. He even used the speech as an opportunity to mock those who question the legitimacy of man-made climate change. Obama also blamed his biggest boosters -- the media -- for not spending enough time airing coverage of climate change facts.

The right wing relies on extremist murderers like Las Vegas shooters Jerad and Amanda Miller! At least, that’s what Michael Eric Dyson told his audience when he filled in for Ed Schultz on Tuesday evening’s The Ed Show.

Dyson spent the first sixteen minutes of the show blasting conservatives and the Tea Party for their evil rhetoric that he claimed "cultivated the very environment in which the Millers’ sentiment was spawned."

Leave it to MSNBC to exploit a shooting by a pair of deranged extremists to push the notion that violence is on the rise as a racist reacting to having a black man in the Oval Office.

That's what MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell did in a segment of the Tuesday edition of her MSNBC program, asking political consultant and former Attorney General Eric Holder spokesman Matthew Miller if the shooting was in part fueled by the fact that “we have an African-American president.”

This morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski discussed the Bergdahl controversy with their panel of guests. Julie Pace of the Associated Press told the panel that the president remains “defiant” in his decision of how his administration brought back Sergeant Bergdahl. Joe Scarborough called the president “extraordinarily tone-deaf.”

Last week, Scarborough shared a heated exchange with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd when discussing the behavior of Berdahl’s father. This morning, however, the panel discussed their confusion with the way the president and his staff have handled the backlash from the Bergdahl swap.

It was a tale of two slow-jam-the-news partners last night on NBC. Nightly News host Brian Williams offered some very serious reporting on the video circulating of President Obama pumping iron. On the other hand,Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon offered a more humorous take on the video.

Williams simply couldn’t fathom the privacy breach of such a video as the president’s work out regime is now being “critiqued” by millions -- well, probably more like billions. Gasp! Jimmy Fallon, seemingly more in tune with the American public, offered the more humorous – perhaps, more truthful side to the video, “I know it’s just the president working out, but it’s weird, right?” (Video below)

Last night on FNC’s The Kelly File, host Megyn Kelly sat down in an exclusive interview with six soldiers who served with Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl.

When Kelly asked them about accusations floating around that they’re just engaging in “swiftboating” and “playing politics” by speaking out, the men voiced their frustration. One soldier told her, “I don’t know how he [Bergdahl] felt about us, but we would all die for him and he left.”

Fox News host Bret Baier appeared on C-SPAN’s June 1 Q&A with Brian Lamb to promote his new book Special Heart: A Journey of Faith, Hope, Courage, and Love. Among the many topics discussed during the interview was the nation's political divide and Lamb wanted to know what Baier thought of the people who blamed the divide on Fox News.

Baier noted that is very worthwhile to point out that D.C. is more divided now than it ever has been. But Lamb wanted to know why such a divide exists. Baier pointed out that there really is no way to pinpoint it to one issue. That's when the C-SPAN founder took the opportunity to bring up the people who blame Fox News by saying, “I’m sure you’ve heard people blame Fox News.”

[Warning: Vulgarity ahead.] Dennis Miller has a response for those liberals who think this country is full of people who can't better their lives with new jobs: America "is built on busting your a**." Late Night host Seth Meyers on Tuesday night hosted his fellow Saturday Night Live alum. The radio host and comic was promoting his new stand up act, “America 180.”

Meyers asked Dennis Miller to explain a little bit about the theme of  his “America 180" act. The comedian explained that he grew skeptical when he heard Nancy Pelosi use the term “job lock," the idea of someone being stuck in a job simply for the benefits. According to Pelosi, that isn’t fair. She thinks people should be able to "free themselves" from this problem.

On the Monday, June 2 edition of The View, in a rare moment, the notably liberal hosts took to blasting liberal actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Charlize Theron for the ludicrous, offensive comments they each made recently which seemed to minimize the real trials and hardships of military veterans and rape victims respectively.

Theron lamented that when someone like herself starts reading negative comments about herself online “you start feeling raped.” while Paltrow compared negative online comments to suffering through combat, because in war “you go through this bloody, dehumanizing thing.” The ladies of The View were not amused and spent some time warning Paltrow, specifically, of comparing her posh life as an actress to the rigors of battle.

This afternoon outgoing White House Press Secretary Jay Carney took questions from the press corps in his first daily press briefing since announcing his resignation. The questions dealt primarily with the controversy surrounding the release of five high-level Taliban detainees at Guantanamo Bay in exchange for Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, the sole American POW from the war in Afghanistan, and one who reportedly was judged by the Pentagon.

ABC’s Jim Avila got into a tense exchange with Jay Carney when he asked about the words Obama national security advisor Susan Rice used to describe Sergeant Bergdal’s service in the military. Avila asked Carney how exactly Bergdahl served, as Rice put it, “with honor and distinction.” He gave Carney the opportunity to say the national security advisor misspoke, but he did not.

Speaking to graduates at Harvard University on Thursday morning, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg -- no conservative he -- warned against the consequences of intolerance on college campuses. Not only did he warn those in attendance of falling prey to intolerance, but he warned against the growing disease that plagues college campuses; that is, the repression of conservative ideology.

It was a bombshell speech of sorts, considering this spring's spate of commencement speakers bowing out of their engagements thanks to vocal protests by left-wing student activist groups. But only two network morning shows bothered to mention Bloomberg’s remarks. CBS This Morning aired a sound bite, as did CNN’s New Day, which also devoted several minutes to discussing the speech with a panel of guests.

On Thursday's Hannity, Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson appeared to discuss his speech at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. The host suggested Robertson is a “preacher at heart.” The A&E star explained that he views everything through a faith lens and finds himself dealing more with “spiritual warfare.”

The man behind the duck call described his life's mission as one based upon the “gospel of Jesus, Jesus died for the sins of the world.” A simple message, Robertson believes. “God loves you, sent Jesus to die for you.”

In an apparent effort to help bolster Mrs. Obama’s “Let’s Move!” campaign and her advocacy for revamping the menu of the nation's public school cafeterias, NBC's Today show plugged the first lady's May 29 New York Times op-ed on the subject.

The peacock network hailed Mrs. Obama as one who typically avoids playing politics, but who has courageously decided to step in and make her voice heard on this issue, taking on Republicans who oppose her fight to make America's kids thinner and healthier.

“Now it’s the president’s call,” host Chris Matthews declared as he opened Wednesday evening’s episode of Hardball with new “bad, very bad” information surrounding the VA scandal from the inspector general’s interim report on the agency.

In a segment joined by fellow MSNBC host Chuck Todd and Derek Bennett of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, Matthews posed several questions showing concern for the president “keeping his word” and doing something about the latest details of the scandal:

Republicans want America's kids to be fat so they’ll grow up to be Republican voters! At least that's the fatuous argument from the Daily Beast's Michael Tomasky in a May 28 column, "Republicans for More Fat Kids."

Tomasky went on a blistering rant blasting an amendment offered by congressional Republicans which would simply delay the requirements for Michelle Obama’s school lunch program initiative. But this is not solely the concern of Republicans on the Hill. As NewsBusters noted last week, 321 schools from 41 states -- including, yes, states which strongly supported President Obama -- have already opted out of the program.

Now playing on MSNBC: “Hillary vs. the Haters!”

Opening his Tuesday evening episode of Hardball, host Chris Matthews kicked off by essentially whining about new comments from Karl Rove about potential 2016 candidate, Hillary Clinton. In the process he decried those ol' meanies in the GOP, seemingly forgetful that he himself has spewed all kinds of bile against conservative and Republicans from his perch at MSNBC.