Michael Tomasky: More Fat, Dumb Kids Means More Republican Voters

Republicans want America's kids to be fat so they’ll grow up to be Republican voters! At least that's the fatuous argument from the Daily Beast's Michael Tomasky in a May 28 column, "Republicans for More Fat Kids."

Tomasky went on a blistering rant blasting an amendment offered by congressional Republicans which would simply delay the requirements for Michelle Obama’s school lunch program initiative. But this is not solely the concern of Republicans on the Hill. As NewsBusters noted last week, 321 schools from 41 states -- including, yes, states which strongly supported President Obama -- have already opted out of the program.

But Tomasky's readers won’t be faced with the facts surrounding Republican opposition. Instead, they are told that Republican opposition has nothing to do with concerns about the unrealistic standards of the lunch program, but everything to do with their “hatred of her [Michelle Obama’s] husband.”

This is the theme for virtually every left-wing attack on the Republicans when they dare to disagree. The opposition is either fueled by racism, or in this case, hatred for the nation's chief executive. Tomasky’s comments aren’t all that surprising. He’s been known to call Republicans ‘racist’and ‘bat-sh*t crazy.'

Not only do Republicans hate the Obamas, but they also live in some fantasy world where they just want to eat whatever they want to eat:

“She [Mrs. Obama] also, perhaps unwittingly, brought herself face-to-scowling-face with the clique of Americans who not only hate her husband (and by extension her) but who think “liberty” means that they must be able to eat and drink anything they damn well please.”

Sounds like Tomasky's been drinking the kool-aid, er, kale juice?

Tomasky knocks the article out of the ballpark of sanity at the end by concluding:

“But what about the science, you say? Yes. It's irrefutable. Sugar makes people fatter and, in all likelihood, dumber. But what does that matter to Republicans? I mean, hey; more fat and dumb kids just means more future Republican voters.”

You can read the article in full here.

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