Friday Funny: NBC's Fallon Pokes Fun at Obama Dumbbell Workout

June 6th, 2014 12:34 PM

It was a tale of two slow-jam-the-news partners last night on NBC. Nightly News host Brian Williams offered some very serious reporting on the video circulating of President Obama pumping iron. On the other hand,Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon offered a more humorous take on the video.

Williams simply couldn’t fathom the privacy breach of such a video as the president’s work out regime is now being “critiqued” by millions -- well, probably more like billions. Gasp! Jimmy Fallon, seemingly more in tune with the American public, offered the more humorous – perhaps, more truthful side to the video, “I know it’s just the president working out, but it’s weird, right?” (Video below)

It’s really okay to have a laugh now and then at the president's expense, Brian. Yes, the Nightly News is a place for serious news, but maybe Jimmy Fallon could teach his slow-jam buddy a thing or two about lightening up.

Nightly News

BRIAN WILLIAMS: The U.S. Secret Service never says they ask anyone to leave the hotel gym when the president chooses to workout when he's on the road. It's a courtesy to his fellow hotel guests. But yesterday, they paid a price in terms of the president’s privacy. Put it this way, who among us would like to have the world critiquing our workout? But that's what happened on the World Wide Web today. Somebody snuck the video on there as millions weighed in on his moves and his exercise regimen.