Jimmy Fallon Takes a Swipe at ObamaCare

June 17th, 2014 3:12 PM

Just a few days ago NewsBusters noted that Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon has started making subtle jabs at President Obama.

In last night's monologue he joked with the crowd about the president's recent annual physical checkup, taking a swipe at ObamaCare. The president, Fallon deadpanned, had complained about some pain in his right foot, but, "when asked why he doesn't get it treated, Obama said it's not covered by ObamaCare."

Fallon has joked several times about the Obama administration's you-must-buy-insurance-or-else law. Back in March, Fallon did a skit portraying a call between Putin and Obama with Putin comparing his actions towards Crimea as similar to Obamacare mandates. Most recently, in April Fallon took another jab at the Affordable Care Act by pointing out the irony in the administrations excitement over people enrolling in a mandated program.

Hats off to Jimmy Fallon who has shown that jokes can be made at the expense of all sides of the political spectrum. Come the end of this year, Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert is slated to take over CBS's Late Show from Dave Letterman. It has yet to be seen if Colbert will be able to serve as an equal-opportunity comedian, something he may wish to consider to be competitive in the broadcast late show ratings wars.