FS1’s Colin Cowherd: Criticism of Cam Newton Similar to How Media Bashes Conservatives

“It takes one to know one…” as they say. Which made it especially humorous on Tuesday’s edition of The Herd with Colin Cowherd when Cowherd, who is an avowed lefty, sounded off on the torrent of criticism Cam Newton encountered for his behavior after the Super Bowl.

Cowherd contended that the criticism is harsher because of Cam’s “celebratory” manner, while criticism of someone more understated, like Peyton Manning, might not be as bad. Even if Manning had walked out of a press conference the same way Newton did, Cowherd likened the difference in how media would treat the two players to the differences in how media treats Conservatives and Liberals. Even when they say or do the same thing.

Here’s what Cowherd said:

“When a journalist loses their job, go to the Internet. ‘So sad. Oh, my god, another journalist.’ If I lose my job, ‘Oh, he’s a loud mouth!’ I lost my job, you didn’t have any sympathy? Cam Newton, cocky, tall, look at me, celebratory, going to take more heat than Middle America, always say nice stuff about the competition — that’s just the way the game is played. If you watch the media you don’t think they lean left on politics you are not even paying attention. A Conservative can say something and Liberal say the same thing and the Conservative gets bashed for it and I voted for Obama. I’m a left leaner. There’s no question the media leans strong left.”


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