Showtime’s ‘Billions’: When Under Threat of Invasion, Forget Guns, Grab Bats

February 22nd, 2016 6:39 PM

So, as we have discussed before, Showtime’s Billions does not shy away from the dramatic. Though, at times they may shy away from telling the absolute truth. In a cleverly done scene, titled ‘The Deal’ this week’s show switches back and forth from U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhodes (Paul Giamatti) grilling the man he’s just arrested and billionaire bad boy Bobby Axelrod (Damian Lewis), the man’s employer. Axelrod fires up his troops to get them ready for the fight that is sure to come their way.

Axelrod likens his company’s predicament to that which everyday Americans faced in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor. Except, he leaves out one critical tool of resistance the American people had at their disposal:

Axelrod: Today, we are standing at the precipice. Today is one day after.

Rhodes: You have one chance to avoid a cell. Give me Axelrod.

Axelrod: The day after Pearl Harbor, everybody knew a Japanese invasion would be coming. Air raid wardens. Anti-aircraft artillery. Cities blacked out. Mothers and fathers staying by the door with baseball bats and kitchen knives, bellies full of fear of the invading hordes.

Hmm. So, when faced with certain annihilation at the hands of the “invading hordes,” the American people shunned their rifles, pistols, and shotguns in exchange for baseball bats and kitchen knives?

The writers at Billions are aware that the 2nd Amendment existed and Americans were armed with things far more formidable than Louisville Sluggers in 1941, right? Seems odd that they would leave that out.

Now, far be it for me to doubt the damage that a well swung bat or forcefully delivered kitchen knife thrust can do. But I hardly believe that would be a weapon of first choice, when confronted by men with guns.

Could just be me though.