Fox’s ‘Family Guy’: Getting Gays Angry is the Best Way to Change Laws

Family Guy is many things. It is reliably liberal, it is reliably depraved, and it is hilarious. However, one thing it is not is above poking fun at liberals, while pointing out salient truths.

On Sunday night’s episode, titled ‘Underage Peter,’ Brian and Peter go to the Mayor’s house to protest a new law that raised the drinking age to 50. Originally, Peter planned to get the law changed by threatening to kill the Mayor’s nephew. However, then Peter realized that in the 21st Century there was a far more effective and powerful weapon he could deploy to force social change:


Brian: So, what exactly is your plan, here?

Peter: You'll see. Just follow my lead.

Mayor: Ooh, trick-or-treaters! Well, what do we have here? A cowboy and a princess?

Peter: Uh, yippee-ki-yay, Mr. Mayor.

Mayor: Oh, a Western princess!

Peter: All right, listen, we want that drinking law gone. And everybody knows the best way to get any law struck down is to get the gays angry about it. Bruce? Jeffrey?

Bruce: That's right, Mr. Mayor! I needs my Proseccos!

Mayor: What are you talking about? You're 52.

Jeffrey: You said you was 39!

Bruce: I was just trying to get you in bed. I thought we'd both be dead by now.

Peter: Crap.

There’s really no denying that is there? What a dumb time to be alive.


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