On CBS, ‘Madam Secretary’ Shows How Hillary Would Have Prevented 9/11, Attacks Racial Profiling

February 14th, 2016 11:00 PM

Consistent with its sole reason for existence, which is paving the way for the eventual ascension of Hillary Clinton to the Oval Office, Madam Secretary took occasion to remind us on Sunday night, in an episode titled ‘Left of the Boom,’ that Madam Hillary is the one person in Washington who understands why 9/11 happened, and maybe, no definitely, would have been the only person who could have prevented it.

Specifically, the CIA tries to stop Madam Hillary from taking the lead into the investigation of stolen uranium in Moldova:

Madam Secretary: I'd like to propose State's International Security and Nonproliferation Bureau take the lead on tracking this.

President: Head up a team.

Madam Secretary: Great.

President: Intelligence, Energy and Defense will give you
all the support you need.

Dennis: Sir, if I may? One truckload of spent fuel rods likely stolen by Moldovan thugs, with no expertise in handling the material, is hardly what I would deem a priority situation for Intelligence.

Ephraim: Given our concerns over the recent cyber breach in Defense, I would concur.

Madam Secretary: If I can answer that...

Dennis: Furthermore, our threat analysis rates small-scale acquisition of radiological material a significantly low threat.

Madam Secretary: Based on what evidence?

Dennis: Since 9/11, there have been only two known threats to weaponize radiological material.

Madam Secretary: Well, my WMD team felt that it merited a report, and I'd like for them to follow up on it... With support. Because I-I do think that it was the lack of cooperation between our offices that provided the conditions for the worst terrorist attack in U.S. History, which, until then, was unprecedented.

President: Intelligence certainly has its hands full dealing with the cyber breach. State will take the lead, as I believe I said.

Take that Mr. “Repeat-the-Mistakes-of-the-Past and Never-Learn-the-Lessons-of-History” CIA Guy.

Fast-forward to later in the show, where a Muslim women’s rights activist gives her speech. Madam Hillary puts the pieces together (of course) that the same people who stole the uranium are the same people who want the women’s rights activists dead.

Though, the chosen suicide bomber for this particular mission has a rather peculiar complexion for an Islamic terrorist:

Guard: Can I check your bag, please?

Noura: Sometimes it's hard to accept that this change won't happen in my life. But I know this change is possible.

Guard: Pat down. Please. Right here.

Noura: Dignity begins with a simple act of respect, like accepting that the thirst for knowledge does not belong to one gender or tradition, but to all of mankind.

Woman (over P.A.): Ladies and gentlemen, at this time, we ask all audience members to please proceed calmly to the nearest exit.

Guard: All right. Ladies and gentlemen, the conference is now closed. There'll be no further admittance at this time.

Woman (over P.A.): Please proceed calmly to the nearest exit.

Girl: What's going on?

Man: This way. Now.

Woman (over P.A.): Please stay calm and exit on both sides...

Noura: I'm sorry.

Guard: Hurry, this way. This way.

Man: There's an exit over here!

Woman: Allahu akbar!

Madam Secretary: No.

You didn’t think they’d allow the security team to profile the Muslim girl, select her for “pat down” and actually allow anyone other than the redhead white girl be the terrorist did you?

Of course you didn’t.