CNN's New Day Has All-Liberal Panel to Bash Trump on Guns

August 20th, 2019 9:02 AM
On Monday morning, CNN's New Day show continued its crusade for more gun control as it not only excluded conservatives from taking part in its panel discussions on the matter, but it actually utilized the all-liberal foursome of Andrew Gillum, Bakari Sellers, April Ryan, and Angela Rye to discuss the issue not only during its first hour, but again during the third hour of the three-hour show.

CNN Morning Message: Mitch McConnell Must Pass Gun Laws

August 15th, 2019 1:36 PM
On Wedesday's New Day show, CNN hosts John Berman and Alisyn Camerota pined for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to call a special session to pass more restrictive gun laws at the same time the two ignored the news that the gun used to kill California police officer Andre Moye was illegally owned by a convicted felon.

'Everybody Get Bakari!' CNN Liberals Melt Down Over Plastic Straws

August 13th, 2019 12:33 PM
On CNN New Day Tuesday morning, the self-described “CNN squad” consisting of Trump-haters April Ryan, Bakari Sellers, Angela Rye and Andrew Gillum took a break from bashing the President on immigration laws, to complain about plastic straws. Seizing on the Trump 2020 campaign selling plastic straws in defiance of the left’s determination to ban them, the panelists began to turn on each other as…

CNN's April Ryan Gushes Over Dems Talking Slavery Reparations

July 31st, 2019 6:11 PM
On Wednesday's New Day show, during a panel discussion of the previous night's Democratic presidential debate, CNN political analyst April Ryan gushed over candidate Marianne Williamson because she brought up the issue of the U.S. government making reparations for slavery.

CNN Analyst: Border ‘Concentration Camps’ Will Lead to 'Death Camps’

June 19th, 2019 12:31 PM
CNN anchor Chris Cuomo on Tuesday didn’t flinch or object as network analyst Angela Rye spewed that the “concentration camps” on the southern border will soon lead to “death camps” if America doesn’t change course. Rye appeared with conservative Steve Cortez to discuss far-left Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s use of the term “concentration camps,” a move that created a furor online. 

Cuomo, Rye Smear Stephen Miller as White Nationalist

April 10th, 2019 7:17 PM
The “great debate” on Tuesday’s edition of Cuomo Prime Time focused on Rep. Ilhan Omar’s tweet condemning White House adviser Stephen Miller as a white nationalist. The conversation quickly deflected into a debate about the meaning of the word nationalism, with host Chris Cuomo describing it as a “loaded term” and accusing Miller of having an “apparent affinity” for white supremacists.

‘Black Lightning’ Proclaims 'Police Are Hunting African Americans

October 9th, 2018 11:24 PM
CW’s Black Lightning has been politicized since its first season. Now that we’re on its second, I guess it’s time to double down on liberal platitudes. And nothing screams "off the deep end" like claiming the police are outright hunting black people.

Rye Attacks America, Rolls Eyes at Guest's Minority Special Needs Son

August 16th, 2018 4:46 PM
On Wednesday night, Angela Rye’s disdain for respectful discourse surfaced on CNN's Erin Burnett OutFront as she insisted that “America has never been great” and not only rolled her eyes but turned away from the camera at the notion of Trump campaign board member Gina Loudon have an adopted minority son with Down Syndrome.

Rye: ICE, Same 'Bigots' Who 'Brought My Ancestors Here on Slave Ship'

August 3rd, 2018 11:29 AM
In CNN’s typical style, a conversation on Trump policy devolved into a food fight complete with race-baiting and name-calling, Thursday night. On Chris Cuomo’s primetime show, CNN commentator Angela Rye and former Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller debated whether Ivanka Trump did “enough” yesterday by calling the former border policy her “lowest point” in the administration. Rye had no…

Daily Show's Trevor Noah: Trump Is 'Giving America Judicial Herpes’

June 29th, 2018 4:55 PM
As if the past week hasn’t been tough enough on liberals, Trevor Noah -- the host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show -- decided on Thursday evening to join the chorus of voices slamming President Trump, whom he accused of “giving America judicial herpes.” Noah didn’t even wait for the Republican in the White House to name a candidate to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy…

Rye: Waters' Critics Are Only 'Threatened' by a Black Woman's 'Power'

June 27th, 2018 11:14 AM
On CNN last night, another political discussion went off the rails as the liberal host pitted a conservative against a liberal on a hot button topic and only stepped in to stoke the flames. Ironically enough, the topic was civility, and if Rep. Maxine Waters’ controversial comments over the weekend, encouraging liberals to harass Republicans were justified. Angela Rye, CNN political commentator…

Rye Slams Pro-Trump Evangelicals as 'Sick,' 'Heartless Human Beings'

June 13th, 2018 5:33 PM
On Tuesday's CNN Tonight during a segment in which liberals outnumbered conservatives 3-1, CNN political commentator Angela Rye trashed pro-Trump evangelicals who support cracking down on illegal immigration, calling them "heartless human beings" who are "sick." And for his part, host Don Lemon accidentally declared that illegals are facing increased "federal persecution" before catching himself…

CNN's Rye Goes Berserk on GOP Guest: 'You Are Out Your Damn Mind'

March 28th, 2018 2:20 AM
On Tuesday's CNN Tonight, during a segment on the decision not to charge two Baton Rouge police officers who shot and killed Alton Sterling in 2016, liberal CNN commentator Angela Rye blew up and and got into a heated debate with conservative commentator Ben Ferguson. At one point, she accused him of being "out your damn mind," and eventually repeatedly told him, "You're sick," because he…

CNN's Rye Rants: NRA 'Are In God's Way'; Lemon: 'Holding Us Hostage'

March 6th, 2018 1:17 PM
On Monday's CNN Tonight, liberal CNN political commentator Angela Rye had a meltdown and began ranting after conservative CNN contributor Alice Stewart defended the NRA against attacks at the Oscars. After Stewart persisted in defending the pro-gun group, Rye shouted: "Like, stop! Just stop! Like, Alice, I like you as a person, but this is crazy! Stop! When host Don Lemon jumped in to respond, he…