CNN's Rye Goes Berserk on GOP Guest: 'You Are Out Your Damn Mind'

March 28th, 2018 2:20 AM

On Tuesday's CNN Tonight, during a segment on the decision not to charge two Baton Rouge police officers who shot and killed Alton Sterling in 2016, liberal CNN commentator Angela Rye blew up and and got into a heated debate with conservative commentator Ben Ferguson. At one point, she accused him of being "out your damn mind," and eventually repeatedly told him, "You're sick," because he defended the officers.

As Ferguson made the argument that the officers who were trying to arrest him had acted lawfully in shooting him because he was resisting arrest while reaching for a gun that was in his pocket, also noting that he had illegal drugs in his body, Rye responded: "You are out your damn mind."

The two then went back and forth a bit before she added: "You're out of your mind because let me tell you why. This is the only country -- this is the only place in the world where someone will get killed, and we talk about what's in their system."

After the two argued back and forth again for a while, Rye insisted: "What I'm telling you is he was not fighting police -- what I'm telling you is, he was fighting for his life and mercy. And if you don't understand that, I don't know how to help you!"

Host Don Lemon, apparently not getting the point that it's perfectly fine for people to possess guns as long as they behave lawfully, oddly injected: "So, Ben, do you have something against someone -- people carrying guns?"

Ferguson clarified: "You don't get to negotiate with the police when you have a gun in your pocket and you're fighting them and resisting arrest while they're tasing you."

Rye concluded by repeatedly stating, "You're sick."

A bit earlier in the previous segment during a discussion of the NRA accepting contributions from other countries, Rye had gone on a rant claiming that the Second Amendment "doesn't even apply to black lives." Rye:

The Second Amendment doesn't even apply to black lives. The Second Amendment doesn't even apply to Philando Castille, to Alton Sterling. No, it does not.

So while we're talking about the NRA and who is here to protect, I want to know who the Second Amendment protects because it certainly does not protect people who look like me. I am not here for the NRA who continues to defend gun revenues and gun money over the lives of black and brown people.