Daily Show's Trevor Noah: Trump Is 'Giving America Judicial Herpes’

June 29th, 2018 4:55 PM

As if the past week hasn’t been tough enough on liberals, Trevor Noah -- the host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show -- decided on Thursday evening to join the chorus of voices slamming President Trump, whom he accused of “giving America judicial herpes.”

Noah didn’t even wait for the Republican in the White House to name a candidate to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy before asserting: “Regardless of what happens in his presidency now, Donald Trump will leave a mark on this country for decades to come.”



He began one segment by stating:

This is so crazy. … It's like it's not going to go away. It's like he's giving America judicial herpes.

You realize his court picks will be around for so long that they will be ruling on major legal questions way into the future, whether or not [business magnate] Elon Musk can marry his robot slaves.

“Like, we don't know where it will go,” Noah added. “I can handle the idea of Donald Trump being president for a few years.”

“What blows my mind, though, is he will be able to fundamentally reshape America for generations,” the liberal comedian asserted grimly. “Donald Trump is going to shape America.”

He also played a clip from the Fox News Channel when Sean Hannity discussed the upcoming struggle between Congressional Democrats and Republicans over filling the vacancy in the Supreme Court by noting: “It will be one of the most contentious politic battles in decades.”

“Okay. I'm sorry,” Noah stated, “but what battle are we talking about here? I understand that these guys are trying to drum up ratings, but it's not true.”

“Republicans control the Senate, okay?” the comedian continued. “The Democrats have no power and no way to stop them from confirming Trump's Supreme Court pick.”

“Like, the media is hyping this up like a heavyweight fight, but this is more like a fight between [former professional boxer] Floyd Mayweather and a baby.” He then tried to sound like an announcer by saying: “In the blue corner, weighing in at seven pounds and cranky after missing the nap, it’s Timmy!”

As NewsBusters previously reported, this is far from the first time the Comedy Central host has attacked the president and other members of the GOP.

The Daily Show host began the year by slamming the doctor's report that said President Trump is in excellent physical and mental health. “But did you test for racism?” the liberal comedian asked then.

A few weeks later, Noah praised CNN commentator Angela Rye by gushing over how “amazing” it was when his guest rolled her eyes after someone said something positive about the president.

Soon after, Noah continued his Trump-bashing ways by telling CNN’s Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter that his favorite joke about the president is comparing him to an African dictator and reminding the comedian of “an asteroid headed toward the Earth, but it’s shaped like a penis.”

Then in mid-May, the liberal host stated during an interview for The Hollywood Reporter that he encourages his viewers “not to watch Fox News” even though he dismissed the top-rated cable channel as not the “villain we’re chasing after.”

Surprisingly, Noah told the people watching CBS This Morning a few weeks ago to “not hate on” Trump after his peace summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. “I’m excited .… I think this development in North Korea is really huge for the world,” he told co-host Gayle King.

However, that didn’t prevent him from singing the praises of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who won the Democratic primary for the district of the Bronx and Queens in New York City. He went on to say about “how amazing” it would be if she won the election in November.

It’s uncertain whether Noah made these remarks on Thursday to annoy Democrats into voting in the upcoming midterm election. But in this instance, let’s hope his ability to predict the future is right on target.