On Thursday’s CBS This Morning, Nancy Cordes helped preview Pope Francis’ speech before Congress by stressing the supposed uneasiness Republicans have with his visit to the United States. In her introduction of Cordes, co-host Norah O’Donnell wildly proclaimed that “like everything in Washington the Pope's statement are being put through a political filter. Conservatives in Congress seemed to be most concerned about what Francis might say in his speech here today.”

To quote the Church Lady: isn't that conv-e-e-e-e-nient?

On Chris Hayes' MSNBC show tonight, Dem congressman Luis Gutierrez claimed that while he was "challenged" by the Catholic church's teachings on abortion and gay rights and found them "difficult" [but not difficult enough to change his standard liberal positions], no one can really argue the Pope's positions on illegal immigration and income inequality.

Cradle Catholic Chris Matthews spent the first segment of his September 23 Hardball program effusively praising Pope Francis, particularly for raising immigration and climate change in his brief remarks at a welcome ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House. But in a later segment, Matthews and guests Joan Walsh and Sister Simone Campbell lamented how even the liberal-leaning Francis is closed to the idea of women serving as priests in the Catholic Church.

At one point, Matthews offered up his theory for why the opposition was so long-standing, and it boiled down to, wait for it, a celibate Catholic clergy.

Joining Brian Williams for his second day back anchoring MSNBC’s coverage of Pope Francis’s visit to the United States on Wednesday afternoon, Catholic and Hardball host Chris Matthews blasted Francis’s predecessor Pope Benedict XVI for being “so fragile and removed” and possessing a “weakness” and “coldness” that Francis does not have. The disgraced former NBC Nightly News anchor gushed over Matthews’s “patriotism” for the U.S. that’s “matched only by his exuberance.”

It's too much to expect that Rachel Maddow will accurately report that many conservatives express misgivings about Pope Francis's leftist economics and willingness to wade into the political realm.MSNBC's most earnest evening host prefers to depict conservatives as adorned with sandwich boards and sputtering incoherent warnings of doom in response to the pope's visit to the U.S.

The media have a knack of turning giving liberal activists a platform when it covers the Catholic Church. The latest example is CNN's Chris Cuomo turning to Episcopalian bishop/LGBT activist Gene Robinson moments after Pope Francis spoke at the White House on Wednesday. Cuomo noted that Robinson was part of "a number of people that were seen as controversial" among the invited guests at the presidential event, and tossed softballs at the liberal guest regarding his pet cause: "You are controversial, sir. Do you feel that way, and what do you think it is about?"

Pope Francis and Barack Obama have a lot in common, at least according to CBS This Morning on Wednesday. Reporter Major Garrett skipped over disagreements like abortion and the health care mandate and instead connected: “Pope Francis arrives defined at least, in part, by his humility also as an instrument of change within the church and an international celebrity.... President Obama knows a thing or two about change and celebrity.” 

Yes, the head of the Catholic Church is popular. And it’s because of that, that the liberal media smear his image to their own advantage.

The networks herald the “popular pope” where they agree with him, and censor him where they don’t (abortion, marriage). Media outlets from the Washington Post to MSNBC pit him against conservatives to create the illusion that he is one with them: a liberal. A liberal to the extent that he’s “very similar” to President Obama, as ABC insisted.

This month's historic trip of Pope Francis to the United States cannot halt The New York Times from its relentless obsession with decades-old cases of sex abuse committed by Catholic priests.

Despite the Church's unprecedented corrective measures just in the past dozen years, not to mention nearly $3 billion in settlements and over $85 million in therapy to accusers, one would think it was 1992 all over again in reading the article from Vivian Yee at the Times.

At the top of Tuesday’s The Kelly File, host Megyn Kelly joined MediaBuzz host Howard Kurtz and 2016 Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz in scorching the liberal media for their portrayal of Pope Francis’ visit to the United States as bad for the GOP while ignoring his steadfast support for life and traditional marriage.

Filling in for Chris Matthews on Hardball tonight, NBC's Chuck Todd noted at the open of the program that Pope Francis's U.S. visit would likely yield moments where he speak out to the discomfit of both Republicans and Democrats on certain policy issues. Yet Todd himself didn't seek the emulate such balance when he interviewed Catholic senators Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) and John Hoeven (R-N.D.).

Thomas Roberts set aside four full segments on his MSNBC Live program on Monday and Tuesday to a panel of six Catholics who dissent from the Church's teachings on sexuality and abortion. Roberts hyped his guests as "Catholics like me who have been deeply wounded in life by the Church." He noted how a divorced woman stayed with the Church and asked, "Do you feel as if you're almost on a cyclical relationship with someone that is almost abusive to you, but that you still go back seeking acceptance?"