One of the big stories in filmdom today is about all the concerns surrounding the marketing of Christopher Nolan’s new film “Inception,” which cost a reported $160 million to produce and hits theatres next Friday, July 16th. According to Reuters, awareness isn’t as high as the studio would like, especially in Middle America.

Well, here’s one way to entice Middle America into your film, insult them by having your three main stars hit the promotional circuit and savage Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin as stupid and evil (video below the jump).

As media members continue to accuse the Tea Party of being racist due to the supposed lack of minority members, there is a conspicuous absence of diversity in blockbuster movies coming out of Hollywood this summer.

"With the notable exception of 'Karate Kid,' headlined by Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan, most of the big-budget films hitting over the next few months star Caucasian actors," wrote Brent Lang of TheWrap Wednesday.

The article surprisingly continued (h/t Big Hollywood):

Leonardo DiCaprio and a list of Hollywood's finest have just released a public service announcement encouraging people to petition Congress to pass the Clean Energy & American Power Act aka cap and trade.

The ad was paid for by the left-leaning NRDC Action Fund, a group whose board of directors includes Ari Emanuel, the brother of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, and John Podesta, Bill Clinton's former Chief of Staff.

The PSA encourages viewers to click on an embedded link which sends them to a petition saying the following (video embedded below the fold, h/t Story Balloon):

Leonardo DiCaprioNickelodeon kicked up the "green" factor a notch at this year's Kids' Choice Awards by giving actor Leonardo DiCaprio the network's first Big Green Help award at the March 28 ceremony.

Out with the celebration of mostly kid-friendly entertainment choices and in with eco-warrior propaganda.

DiCaprio, dubbed the "coolest guy on this hot planet" by presenter Cameron Diaz, used boilerplate fear-mongering in his acceptance speech to recruit more kids to his environmentalist cause:

I want to take a moment and ask you kids something. Do you like this planet that we live on? Is this an awesome place to live or what? I've got news for you. It's the only home we have, and right now, our mother, our mother, all of our mothers, mother earth, is hurting. And she needs a generation of thoughtful, caring and active kids like all of you, to protect her for the future.

While media members fawn over Hollywood productions about manmade global warming such as Al Gore's schlockumentary "An Inconvenient Truth" and Leonardo DiCaprio's box office disaster "The Eleventh Hour," they should take time out of their busy propagandist schedules to view a lecture that Australian research professor Bob Carter recently gave.

In fact, it should be required viewing for any member of the press who wants to report about climate change, for it more thoroughly and concisely explains the science refuting the current alarmism than anything to date.

During the roughly 37-minute lecture given at the Annual Conference of the Australian Environmental Foundation on September 8th in Melbourne (luckily caught on videotape, multiple links to follow), Carter debunked the hysterical claims regularly espoused by warm-mongers such as:

Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), the Ranking Member of the Environment and Public Works Committee, delivered a startling and historic two hour speech on the Senate floor Friday about "recent developments which are turning 2007 into a ‘tipping point' for climate alarmism."

The Senator cautioned that bills being proposed by various members of Congress "come at a time when the science is overwhelmingly taking away the basis for alarm." These "so-called ‘solutions' to global warming...will have no measurable impact on the climate," and "will create huge economic harm for American families and the poor residents of the developing world who may see development hindered by unfounded climate fears."

In addition, Inhofe went right after the Global Warmingist-in-Chief Al Gore, as well as others in the media responsible for inciting all this hysteria (partial video of the speech available here):

More evidence that Al Gore's Live Earth flop was indeed the beginning of the end to the public's fascination with global warming: Leonardo DiCaprio's recently released film on the subject has bombed with moviegoers.

As reported by Fox News's Roger Friedman Wednesday (emphasis added throughout):

His environmental documentary, "The 11th Hour," has been a total bust at the box office. After 18 days in release, the film has grossed only $417,913 from ticket sales.

As Friedman pointed out, these are horrible numbers:

It'll be interesting to see how many people spend an hour and a half in the theater this Labor Day weekend watching Leonardo DiCaprio's documentary about how we are teetering on the edge of global warming catastrophe. It sounds like a bummer way to end the summer. But if moviegoers turn to the Chicago Tribune's Michael Phillips' review of the film for guidance, then the movie may well be tossed into the rubbish heap along with the year's other flops.

Here's something you don't see every day: an environmentalist bashing an environmentalist.

Yet, such was the case Wednesday when Patrick Moore, the co-founder of Greenpeace, slammed the new Leonardo DiCaprio film "The 11th Hour" as the "latest climate-change rant" representing "another example of anti-forestry scare tactics" which sadly indicated that "we're losing sight of some indisputable facts."

As a result, "[t]his film should be a good, clear reminder for us to put the science before the Hollywood hype."

As reported by The Vancouver Sun (emphasis added throughout, thanks to all who brought this my attention):

Reliably liberal New York Times movie critic Manohla Dargis lauded activist-actor Leonardo DiCaprio's "The 11th Hour," the latest documentary of environmental apocalypse.

Here's something the mainstream media are guaranteed to ignore: "The biggest emissions-cutting projects under the Kyoto Protocol on global warming have directly contributed to an increase in the production of gases that destroy the ozone layer, a senior U.N. official says."

Didn't hear about this? Well, how could you, for although Reuters published its article on the subject Monday, no other mainstream press outlet thought it was newsworthy.

Not one!

Alas, there were even more worrisome revelations in this Reuters piece that folks like soon-to-be-Dr. Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio would find very inconvenient if media actually did their job and reported them (h/t Benny Peiser, emphasis added throughout):

Julie Chen followed Barbara Walters’ lead in endorsing a global warming alarmist film, this time on Leonardo DiCaprio’s upcoming documentary, "The 11th Hour." The August 13 edition of "The Early Show" ran an unchallenged piece on DiCaprio’s film, then this exchange between co-hosts Harry Smith and Julie Chen.