A search on the name of James Risen (not in quotes) returns nothing relevant at the Associated Press. All that comes back at the Politico is a link to a post yesterday at Dylan Byers' On Media Blog containing one pertinent sentence: "James Risen slams the Obama administration." Whoopee.

Risen is the Pulitzer Prize-winning American journalist for The New York Times who has been in the Obama administration's crosshairs "in a years-long legal battle against the government to reveal one of his confidential sources, even petitioning the Supreme Court to hear his case." On Monday, according to Andrew Beaujon at Poynter.org, Risen, appearing at at a George Polk Awards conference called Sources and Secrets, went after the Obama administration's heavy-handedness towards the press (bolds are mine throughout this post):

Alex Wagner made it clear that she was in Senator Harry Reid's Amen corner on the Tuesday edition of her MSNBC program, promoting the Nevada Democrat's green light to President Obama to use his controversial "year of action" end run around Congress to advance the agenda of leftist LGBT activists. Wagner expressed her hope that "with the White House promising a 'year of action'...we can only hope that creating a more fair and equitable society is on that list." [MP3 audio available here; video below the jump]

The host also spotlighted the reporting of ThinkProgress.org, and cited new Obama adviser John Podesta, but failed to disclose that she once worked for the Podesta-founded Center for American Progress, which runs the left-wing website.

Since Wednesday was the 50th anniversary of president Lyndon Johnson’s announcement of an “unconditional war on poverty” during his State of the Union address in 1964, MSNBC used the occasion to promote a poll conducted by a far-left think tank to assert that a government program providing “affordable access to quality child care could help lift millions of Americans out of poverty.”

According to an article by Morgan Whitaker on MSNBC.com, “a vast majority of people polled in a new survey” conducted by the Center for American Progress “includes results from focus groups and a major survey of more than 2,000 American adults.”

John Podesta is well-known for wanting President Obama to go around Congress with his executive powers. He told Glenn Thrush at Politico the president should “focus on executive action, given that they are facing a second term against a cult worthy of Jonestown in charge of one of the houses of Congress.”

The House Republicans are somehow comparable to a suicidal-slash-murderous cult that killed 900 Americans. Podesta is channeling an occasional liberal media meme, that Jonestown is an apt metaphor for Republicans or Catholics or lame reporters or even all of us. Below is a little collection I've gathered from over the last 20 years of MRC analysis: [See video below. MP3 audio here.]

Obama adviser John Podesta today apologized for comparing House Republicans to the Jonestown cult led by Jim Jones.  The Washington Post’s Web site reports: Podesta made the remark in an article in Politico Magazine , saying that the Obama administration should focus on using executive action because it is “facing a second term against a cult worthy of Jonestown in charge of one of the houses of Congress.” Although Podesta was speaking this fall before being hired by the White House, he quickly apologized to House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) through a post on his Twitter account.

The Post and other media outlets didn’t note that “Reverend” Jim Jones, founder of the San Francisco People’s Temple, in truth numbered Democratic politicians, not Republicans, among his admirers.

President Barack Obama hired a new counselor for 2014, a man who used to lead a liberal Soros-funded group.

John Podesta, founder and president of the far-left Center for American Progress (CAP), was tapped by the administration and will focus on the health care law and climate change issues, according to a Dec. 9, New York Times article. That same article failed to mention any connection between CAP and Soros.

This isn’t the first time Podesta has worked with the president. He co-chaired the transition team when Obama first came into office. He was also White House chief of staff under Clinton.  Neera Tanden, who has worked for both Obama and Hillary Clinton, currently runs CAP.

NewsBusters reported Thursday that the co-author of last weekend's Tea Party-trashing episode of HBO's The Newsroom actually thanked the George Soros-funded liberal propaganda machine Think Progress for help with "vital" research on the script.

Hours later, NBC Tonight Show host Jay Leno cited a report from TP's parent, the Center for American Progress (video follows with transcript and commentary):

California savings-and-loan billionaire and liberal-Democrat philanthropist Marion Sandler died on June 1, and the Washington Post obituary on Wednesday by T. Rees Shapiro underlined once again how the media “establishment” is now funded not just by advertisers, but by Democratic financiers.

Sandler backed the ACLU, the Clintonistas at the Center for American Progress, and investigative reporting partners for the Post and The New York Times:

Jason Mattera of Human Events recently confronted Democratic congressman Barney Frank over all the ethics violations he has been accused of in his time on Capitol Hill:

Jason also confronted John Podesta of the Center for American Progress over his hiring of Van Jones. (video below the fold)

On This Week with George Stephanopoulos on Sunday, December 13, during the show’s Roundtable segment, liberal blogger Arianna Huffington argued that the war in Afghanistan is "the gold standard of a dumb war, immoral and unnecessary," during a discussion of President Obama’s recent speech at West Point announcing that he would send more troops to Afghanistan, and his speech in Oslo accepting the Nobel Peace Prize.

Huffington also criticized fellow liberal panel member John Podesta -- a former Clinton administration member who is now president of the Center for American Progress -- charging that, "You now sound like George Bush," after Podesta explained President Obama’s rationale for sending more troops into Afghanistan.

Below is a transcript of the relevant portion of the December 13 This Week on ABC:

NewsBusters.org | Media Research Center

The Best Censorship Weapon of All

UPDATE: Nationally syndicated radio talk show host Mark Levin read this piece in nearly its entirety last night.  His on-air stylings can be found here.


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced a new "Chief Diversity Officer," communications attorney Mark Lloyd.   

But Doctor of Jurisprudence Lloyd is far more than merely a communications attorney.  He was at one time a Senior Fellow at the uber-liberal Center for American Progress (CAP), for whom he co-wrote a June 2007 report entitled "The Structural Imbalance of Political Talk Radio."

Which rails against the fact that the American people overwhelmingly prefer to listen to conservative (and Christian) talk radio rather than the liberal alternative, and suggests ways the federal government can remedy this free-market created "problem."

  • Restore local and national caps on the ownership of commercial radio stations.
  • Ensure greater local accountability over radio licensing.
  • Require commercial owners who fail to abide by enforceable public interest obligations to pay a fee to support public broadcasting.

These last two get perilously close to the use of "localism" to silence conservative (and Christian) radio stations, about which we have been warning for quite some time. 

As Newsbusters has been covering for nearly a year, ABC developed and heavily promoted a nightmare "documentary" of our future (unless we listen to the einironmentalists). The Business & Media Institute's Dan Gainor watched "Earth 2100" when it aired last night:

ABC’s “Earth 2100” tried to tell the story of the future but ended up a documentary about the present. The global warming Armageddon-fest tried to scold and scare Americans into changing habits to prevent the deadly end. Instead, it told a tale of just how far journalism has descended from neutrality to bias to outright propaganda. That’s what host Bob Woodruff called “a different kind of journalism.”

The program focused most on the fictional character “Lucy” who he used to tell his equally fictional tale of the future. Immediately after viewers met Lucy, the first real human they saw other than Woodruff was John Podesta, president and CEO of the lefty-wing think tank Center for American Progress. Podesta also headed up the Obama transition team.

Since Earth 2100 was a two-hour, left-wing, Obama commercial complete with an early talking head appearance by the president, Podesta was an appropriate choice. But not so appropriate that he actually appeared in that part of the transcript, which ABC posted to go with its massive Web effort for the show. ABC had to add him in after the transcripts were completed. Apparently, the Obama connection wasn’t clear enough before that.