Chris Hayes: Toronto Mayor Did 'Much Worse' Than Smoke Crack—He Opposed Higher Taxes!

To a liberal, what's worse than smoking crack?  Opposing higher taxes!  Admission: I'm libertarian when it comes to drug laws. I believe the War on Drugs has been a big bust, excuse the pun, just like Prohibition was.  

That said, I still found hilarious Chris Hayes' statement on his MSNBC show tonight, commenting on the admission by Toronto Mayor Rob Ford that he had smoked crack cocaine, that Ford had done worse things.  Among the litany of Ford's failures that were worse than getting on the pipe? Opposing higher taxes and privatizing garbage collection! View the video after the jump.

Consider Hayes' hierarchy of evils!    


CHRIS HAYES: Maybe right about now you're feeling a little bit sorry for Rob Ford. People do make mistakes. Heck, I'm a liberal, I think we'd all be better off being less judgmental and more compassionate about people's struggles with intoxicants. But Rob Ford has done much worse things than do drugs. All you have to do is Google the guy to find out. He's used racial slurs.  He once claimed there should be no funding for AIDS prevention since "only gays can catch it." He's anti-union, anti-tax and as mayor has privatized half the garbage pick-up.

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