Left-Wing Voices Fuel ABC's MPG Report

While past ABC reports have mourned the hardship facing the American auto industry, ABC aired liberal support for higher fuel efficiency standards that would make competition more difficult and manufacturing more expensive.

But reporter Dean Reynolds gave almost no time to the auto industry in his June 7 “World News with Charles Gibson” story.

Reynolds cited left-wing Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-N.D.) and Phyllis Cuttino of Pew’s Campaign for a Fuel Efficient America.

“We have better cup holders in cars, we have better music systems in cars – that’s all good,” Dorgan said, “But the fact is we need cars that are more efficient.”

Dorgan is extremely liberal. He earned a 95 percent liberal rating (the same as Hillary and Obama) from Americans for Democratic Action.

Current fuel economy standards for light trucks are 24 miles per gallon and for cars are 27 miles per gallon. The Senate will soon begin to debate raising those standards to 35 miles per gallon for both types of vehicles.

But in the past, Dorgan told industry executives higher fuel economy standards are a done deal.

The auto industry's position, which was nearly ignored by ABC, is that all automobiles are not created equal and higher standards will increase manufacturing costs.

According to the May 27 CBS “Evening News” it could cost the already troubled industry $114 billion.

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