Office Time: Magazine Offers More Suggestions to Save the Planet

Time magazine's eco-advice knows no bounds. This time they want to tell workers, and bosses, how to run their businesses, their computers and maybe even where to move their desks or take their staplers.

Number 29 on Time's "51 Things You Can Do to Make a Difference" list? "Remove the Tie"

Time wants us to emulate the Japanese strategy of keeping office temperatures at 82.4 degrees. It’s a way of saving energy – just not workers.

What Time ignored was that the Japanese also go to extremes in winter - extreme cold, according to a February 16 Washington Post article. Impact: 6. (The impact on workers goes up as summer temperatures rise.) Feel good factor: 9. (Let’s ask the freezing Japanese workers about that one.)

Number 32: "Kill the lights at quitting time"

Time writers suggested the "third grade" solution of hall-monitors to enforce this ridiculous plan to save the planet.

Last, for today: Number 30 "Shut off your computer"

Of course, Time should have talked to their IT department before offering this suggestion since system maintenance and software updates are part of the reason computers stay on.

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