ABC's Pictorial Smear of Great Jobs and Unemployment Report

Nah, there's no media bias (HT Right Moment; also note that all the news under Ronald's picture is negative):


This reminds me of something blogger Ace of Spades mentioned to me some time ago about how it's not just the words, it's the pictures. Seemingly without exception, stories about the economy durng the 1990s had images or video of machines producing currency, cash registers ringing, and heavy traffic inside shopping malls. When's the last time anyone saw any of this in a news report about this very good economy?

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UPDATE: It took until the 20th paragraph of the roughly 25-paragraph report for AP/ABC to tell us about the +139,000 jobs revsions to August and September combined.

UPDATE 2: Pundit Review does a great job of comparing current New York Times' coverage of the employment situation with that during the 1990s. Guess which decade comes off looking infinitely better?

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