NYT Gracious About Stein’s Recount, But GOP Are Scary, Sore Losers

December 7th, 2016 2:43 PM
Are U.S. elections reliable? Should the results be universally respected and accepted? Can one challenge the results without being smeared as a threat to society or at least a poor loser? The New York Times can’t make its mind up. After Donald Trump refused to say he would accept the election results two weeks before the election (when the media was already crowning Hillary the winner), the Times…

ABC, CBS Detail ‘Political Terror’ Bombing; NBC Allows Just Seconds

October 17th, 2016 12:06 PM
While ABC and CBS on Monday highlighted the fire bombing of a Republican Party headquarters in North Carolina as “political terrorism,” NBC only gave the story seconds and avoided using that phrase.  CBS This Morning opened the program with the story and reporter Jeff Pegues explained, “Local officials are calling the violence an act of political terrorism.” 

NC Reporter Blames Christians, Bathroom Law Advocates for Orlando

June 14th, 2016 4:36 PM
The North Carolina media have been predictably out of control since the state passed and signed the transgender bathroom law, but their behavior sunk even further following the Orlando terror attack when WRAL chief political correspondent Laura Leslie suggested backers of the law were to blame for the shooting because of their “rhetoric” “in the wake of this horrific anti-gay crime.”

CBS Hosts Swoon In Adoration For Social Justice CEO

June 2nd, 2016 11:29 AM
During Wednesday's CBS This Morning, the usual slate of hosts -- Charlie Rose, Gayle King, and Norah O'Donnell -- were swooned and captivated by an illustrious billionaire CEO dipping his pen into national politics. No, this businessman is not Donald Trump for once, it was Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, which recently threatened to move its North Carolina offices and assets out of the state…

Politifact Hounds N.C. Gov. McCrory for Hitting Human Rights Campaign

May 31st, 2016 4:46 PM
Like a tried and true liberal lapdog, the North Carolina media have applied a full-court press (pun intended) to attack Republican Governor Pat McCrory over the transgender bathroom law to the point that the leftist site Politifact hounded McCrory over a general statement that the pro-gay Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is both powerful and full of secret donors. 

WashPost Celebrates Transgenders Entering Divinity Schools

May 29th, 2016 11:28 PM
Every Saturday, the Washington Post Metro section devotes a story to religion news...and quite often, it’s pushing the liberal agenda. That’s certainly true for May 28. The Post ran a Religion News Service dispatch from Jesse James DeConto celebrating the new trend of transgenders entering divinity schools to become ministers. This was just another propagandistic dispatch that could only…

Charlotte Paper Applauds Hollywood Boycotts Over Bathroom Law

May 10th, 2016 2:53 PM
In a column that showcases the leftist belief that the ends justify the means, the Charlotte Observer and its parent company McClatchy have expressed nothing short of support for the economic boycotts of North Carolina in light of Republicans remaining defiant after Governor Pat McCrory signed a bathroom bill to ensure that people use the bathroom according to the gender they were born with.

Nets Hype Justice Department Accusing NC of Civil Rights Violations

May 5th, 2016 4:11 PM
On Thursday, all three network morning shows dutifully promoted the Obama Justice Department threatening to sue North Carolina over its transgender bathroom law and accusing the state of violating the Civil Rights Act. On NBC’s Today, fill-in co-host Natalie Morales breathlessly proclaimed: “New fallout this morning over North Carolina’s controversial transgender law. The Justice Department sent…

CNN's Banfield Misinforms Viewers on NC Bathroom Law

May 5th, 2016 4:11 PM
On Thursday, CNN misinformed its viewers on the North Carolina bathroom law on its Legal View with Ashleigh Banfield show by giving viewers the impression that people who have undergone sex changes would be barred from using the bathroom of their new gender. As host Banfield introduced a segment at 12:38 p.m. ET on the possibility of the Justice Department taking legal action against the state…

NYT's NC Obsession: Bathroom Boycotts, Racial Voting Restrictions

April 27th, 2016 10:32 AM
The New York Times still has the racially hostile, bathroom-bigoted state of North Carolina on its mind and in its political crosshairs. Tuesday’s full-court front-page press coverage of the ongoing LGBT-rights and bathroom-access controversy was joined by some hand-wringing about a recent GOP court victory that will tighten previously loosened voting rules, an action that liberal groups (and the…

Twitter Takes 'Moment' to Mark Left-Wing Bullying of North Carolina

April 13th, 2016 10:16 PM
"HB2 is hurting North Carolina's commerce" blared the headline for a Twitter "Moment" this evening which all but celebrated the left-wing corporate and political bullying of the Tar Heel State for its law overriding a Charlotte "bathroom bill." 

Blogger: Cruz Takes GOP’s ‘Bizarre’ State-Level Agenda National

April 9th, 2016 2:41 PM
During Barack Obama’s presidency, Republicans have greatly increased their power at the state level, enabling governments in North Carolina, Wisconsin, Kansas, and other locales to enact legislation that Daily Kos blogger Hunter has called, among other things, “straight-up crooked” and that has caused, among other things, a “financial clusterfuck.” In a Friday post, Hunter theorized that one…

CNBC Asks Transgender CEO about NC’s ‘Anti-LGBT Legislation’

April 7th, 2016 5:44 PM
The transgender CEO of United Therapeutics said the company disapproved of North Carolina’s transgender bathroom law, which CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin described as “anti-LGBT.” Squawk Box host Sorkin asked CEO Martine Rothblatt on April 7, 2016, about the state’s new law restricting transgender access to bathrooms of their choosing. Rothblatt reported that United Therapeutics opposed the law, and…

NY Times Hypes NC as Home of Republican Bathroom Bigotry

April 3rd, 2016 10:21 PM
Carolina was in the mind of the liberal New York Times this weekend. The state’s Republican governor Pat McCrory recently signed religious freedom legislation that included a provision stating people in government buildings must use the restroom associated with their biological sex, the one on their birth certificate. In other words, the way public bathrooms have always worked. The Times,…