Lefties Lose Their Minds Over N.C. Abortion Ban Proposal

March 30th, 2023 3:24 PM

Ever since Roe v. Wade was reversed in June of 2022, the left has been soiling themselves whenever a state pushes or introduces pro-life laws. Thursday was no exception.

That's when the state of North Carolina introduced a pro-life law that would prohibit abortion from the moment of conception, when life begins. The act, “The Human Life Protection Act of 2023," would prohibit abortion from the moment an egg is fertilized in all cases except when the life of the mother is in imminent danger.

This Bill would be the most life-affirming bill in the country if passed. Most other pro-life states allow abortions in the case of rape or incest but N.C. does not include those aspects in its proposed legislation. 

Republican State Rep. Ben Moss said of the Bill:

If you are reading this, you have been blessed with the gift of life. Every human life has value from the womb to the tomb, and I am thrilled to introduce this legislation that will defend the dignity and sanctity of every person. I will continue to promote a culture of life and ensure that every child, regardless of circumstance, is given the chance to flourish and thrive.

In a culture that jumps at every opportunity to promote abortion, it’s great to see a state take a stand in the fight for life.

According to the Bill, anyone who violates the proposed law will be subject to a $100,000 fine. This Bill also clarifies specific terms that the left likes to confuse in their arguments. For example, the Bill states that abortion is the intentional murder of a child and that miscarriages are not. 

But, since so many lefties just want to kill babies, a fiery rage broke out on Twitter over the news. 

Kudos to North Carolina for recognizing when life begins! Hopefully these uneducated blue checked crooks recognize the good a bill like this would do.