NBC Bemoans ‘Disney Thrust Into Culture Wars’ Over ‘Don’t Say Gay’

April 4th, 2022 5:30 PM

On Monday, NBC’s Today show lamented how Disney was supposedly “thrust into the culture wars” when the woke corporation chose to hurl political attacks at Florida’s new Parental Rights in Education law preventing young grade school students from being indoctrinated with radical classroom discussions of sexual orientation. Only once did the network morning show actually mention the…


MSNBC Frets Florida Parents' Rights Law Is 'Terror Tactic'

April 3rd, 2022 7:13 AM

On Saturday afternoon's Alex Witt Reports on MSNBC, fill-in host Katy Tur was joined by new MSNBC contributor Charles Blow to spend a segment bemoaning the new law in Florida that bars the teaching of transgender issues to young children in schools.

Dark Day for Disney: House of Mouse Condemns FLA Anti-Grooming Bill

March 28th, 2022 4:14 PM

Child groomers the world over are convulsing in anger today, because finally, FINALLY Governor DeSantis (R-FL) has signed a bill that blocks public school students in Kindergarten through third grade from being exposed to gender identity curriculum and other LGBTQ lesson plans.


CBS Tees Up Biden Education Secretary to Slam Florida in Soft Sit-Down

March 18th, 2022 8:01 PM

CBS Mornings had quite the 8:00 a.m. Eastern hour peddling Biden administration propaganda as, prior to their absurd segment fawning over Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, the show brought in Education Secretary Miguel Cardona for just over six minutes of softballs from the left on reopened schools, student loans, Florida’s parental rights bill, and what’s needed to fill a…

Lizzo Slams Politicians Who Call LGBTQ Propaganda for Kids 'Abuse'

March 14th, 2022 3:19 PM

In addition to being a big fan of food and a sedentary lifestyle, overweight pop star Lizzo is also a huge fan of abortion and allowing little kids to undergo gender transitions.

Woke Disney Hypocrisy In Florida

March 12th, 2022 4:00 PM

Unreal. Florida has passed a “Parental Rights in Education bill” - and the Disney corporation, which of course has Disney World in Orlando, is livid. The left has, all too predictably, nicknamed the bill the “Don’t Say Gay” legislation.


Disney CEO Grovels After Not Doing Enough Against ‘Dont Say Gay' Bill

March 11th, 2022 5:16 PM

Disney CEO Bob Chapek is one very sorry Disney employee. The business leader of the House of Mouse didn’t fight hard enough for little kids to receive twisted LGBTQ propaganda in Florida public schools and is now facing the wrath of the woke mob. 

NYT Again Takes Bat to Fla. Surgeon General Going 'Against CDC Advice'

March 11th, 2022 11:20 AM

New York Times Miami bureau chief Patricia Mazzei took another rhetorical bat to Florida’s new surgeon general Dr. Joseph Ladapo for rejecting overbearing Covid restrictions and regulations, in Tuesday’s edition: “Against C.D.C. Advice, Florida to Advise Against Covid Vaccines for Healthy Children.” Two weeks ago she unloaded on Ladapo, an immigrant from Nigeria, for resisting Covid…


ABC, CBS Whine Florida Won't Sexually Indoctrinate Third Graders

March 8th, 2022 9:09 PM

On Tuesday evening both ABC’s World News Tonight and CBS Evening News were clearly upset that third-grade students in Florida won’t be taught about transgender ideology after the passage of the Parental Rights In Education bill, which the left ludicrously calls the “don’t say gay” bill. 


The View Claims FL’s Parental Rights Bill Allows Child Torture at Home

March 8th, 2022 4:07 PM

As Florida’s legislature moved to sure up parental rights from radical leftist teachers on Tuesday, ABC’s The View again peddled the factious narrative of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. They went to such extreme measures to attack this defense for parental rights that co-host Sara Haines suggested the bill would allow parents to torture their children at home and make teachers “betray…


‘Outrage’ as Nets Obsess Over ‘Scolding’; Ignoring Border, Hunter

March 8th, 2022 9:30 AM

According to CBS and NBC, here’s what matters: Ron DeSantis “scolding” teens for wearing masks. What doesn’t matter? Issues like the many Hunter Biden scandals, the crisis at the border and critical race theory being taught in schools. 


CBS, NBC Finally Wake Up to Abortion News, Fret About New Ban

March 5th, 2022 7:30 PM

Oh, so NOW they care about abortion? This week, there were several big examples of Democratic extremism on abortion. Yet, the networks all ignored them. But on Friday, CBS and NBC both covered Florida passing a 15 week ban on abortion, fretting about it being too severe. 


Telemundo Anchor: BABIES Have No Heartbeat at 6 Weeks

March 5th, 2022 7:05 PM

A Telemundo report on Florida's HB5 bill banning most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy- now headed to Governor Ron DeSantis for signature- ended up confirming that indeed, at six weeks, a baby is … a baby, though that was the last thing Hoy Día anchor Nacho Lozano had in mind.

NewsBusters Podcast: NBC Rips 'DeathSantis' on Mask 'Bullying' of Kids

March 4th, 2022 10:35 PM

NBC spent not one, but two nights trying to make a scandal out of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis telling high-school kids behind his podium at an event that they didn't have to wear masks, since that was "ridiculous." NBC found an outraged parent and that completely nonpartisan head of the CDC for rebuttal. Even after the CDC relented on mask requirements, the networks are still ripping Republicans…