A new survey of Native American opinions on the Washington Redskins' nickname once again demonstrates underwhelming opposition to the moniker and just how out of touch the so-called "mainstream media" really is. The new survey duplicates the Washington Post's 2016 poll finding that 90 percent of Natives are not offended by the Redskins' nickname ― much to the disappointment of writers at the Post. Like Theresa Vargas, who insists the name is a dictionary-defined slur, no matter how many people accept the word.

Friday’s Washington Post is aggressively pushing for the gay Left’s youth agenda, including a front-page Metro section story on a tiny street protest against the local Boy Scout council: “Among the protesters against the Boy Scouts of America’s ban, few have more to risk than a gay Md. teen,” read the headline above a photo. “Honoring his duty, pursuing equality” was the large headline.

The heroic protagonists of the story were Pascal Tessier, a 16-year-old gay activist who wants to be an Eagle Scout, and his gay brother Lucien, 20, who already earned his Eagle. Reporter Theresa Vargas equated the BSA policy with bullying:

Yesterday President Obama held court with a receptive suburban liberal audience in a backyard in Northern Virginia. Covering the story, the Washington Post assigned the article front-page real estate in the September 14 Metro section.

While Theresa Vargas and Nia-Malika Henderson  noted that the group was a "partisan audience of about 30 people" which was ridiculed by Republican detractors as a "garden party," the Post staffers failed to note a crucial piece of information regarding one Larry Poltavtsev, the CEO of Target Labs "a green-information technology firm based in Vienna [Virginia]."

Poltavtsev was quoted heartily endorsing President Obama, gushing, "He really understands the needs of small business." What's more, that quote was emblazoned above the front-page picture accompanying the story. But while Henderson and Vargas noted that Poltavtsev had asked Obama "about easing lending for small businesses," they failed to note that his firm has already benefited from a loan backed by Obama administration.

As TheHill.com's Gautham Nagesh reported yesterday morning: