'Honoring His Duty'? WashPost Promotes Tiny Protest Waging War on Boy Scouts

Friday’s Washington Post is aggressively pushing for the gay Left’s youth agenda, including a front-page Metro section story on a tiny street protest against the local Boy Scout council: “Among the protesters against the Boy Scouts of America’s ban, few have more to risk than a gay Md. teen,” read the headline above a photo. “Honoring his duty, pursuing equality” was the large headline.

The heroic protagonists of the story were Pascal Tessier, a 16-year-old gay activist who wants to be an Eagle Scout, and his gay brother Lucien, 20, who already earned his Eagle. Reporter Theresa Vargas equated the BSA policy with bullying:

Pascal said his decision to take part in the demonstration comes from realizing that many gay Scouts across the country are not as fortunate as he is. He lives in an accepting community and belongs to a Chevy Chase-based troop where many people know about his sexuality but don’t make an issue of it.

“I’ve never had any negative experiences with being gay,” he said. “I’ve never been bullied or had anyone tell me it’s wrong.”

That is, except for the Boy Scouts, whose policy was upheld by the Supreme Court in 2000. Many troops are sponsored by Mormon, Baptist and Catholic churches, which traditionally consider homosexuality a sin.

Vargas introduced Tessier in the most positive way:

Tessier, a junior at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School, is a poet, an electric guitar player and an ice cream lover. He is also a Boy Scout and openly gay, which puts him at risk of being denied the Eagle Scout ranking he has long pursued.

“The best word would be devastated,” Tessier said of how he’d feel if that were to happen. “I’d also feel betrayed, because it’s an organization I trusted, and I put my heart into doing good for them.”raci

Conservatives were only granted one paragraph in the Post story and were labeled conservative. Every gay activist in the piece carried no ideological label. Even the local Boy Scout spokesman was praising the Post’s hero in the story:

Aaron Chusid, a spokesman for council, said Tessier has reason to worry about his status. “Under the current policy, if he is out about being gay, he is not eligible for being a member, which would make it impossible for him to complete his Eagle,” Chusid said.

At the same time, Chusid praised the teen for displaying the lessons that are taught in Scouting. “It’s easy to talk about being brave when it doesn’t cost you anything,” he said.

Tracie Felker, he mother of the two gay Scouts, argued in the story that it was unfair to throw them out when they didn’t know their sexuality when they joined in grade school. But the same argument could be made for children who grow up in church and then decided to reject what the church teaches. They don't get to change the church's teachings. At some point, the concept of freedom of association means a voluntary organization gets to keep its own membership rules. The Post and the gay lobby don’t believe in this freedom of association.

To underline the Post’s political advocacy, the ENTIRE Page 2 of the Metro section is given to the Post’s “RootDC” website for African-Americans, which is lecturing that “Schools have a steep learning curve when it comes to serving LGBT students and families.” The stars of this page were Alexis J. Smith of the group “Entitled to Educate” and Aisha Moodie-Mills, an adviser on LGBT issues for the liberal Center for American Progress.

Children must be spared a “ fear of condemnation,” and the worst thing you can do is try to take them to church. Moodie-Mills lectured “you cannot pray the gay away” and insisted that people who take gay kids to church on the road to Hell. “The road to hhell is paved with good intentions. Being gay is simply who you are. I don’t think we create healthy young people by being paternalistic around their feelings.”

As if liberals aren’t paternalistic about imposing the gay agenda on every sector of society – including churches. You can never separate the gay and state.

PS: The Washington Post's free tabloid Express condensed the Vargas article today into seven paragraphs, so somehow there was no room for the one paragraph featuring a conservative rebuttal. (The headline was "Out and Proud, And Taking a Risk.")

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