How often do conservatives utter the phrase “This will be a fun read!” upon opening the New York Times? Yet it happened. In the June 5 Books section, the Times has an article alerting readers that lefty feminist author “Naomi Wolf’s Career of Blunders Continues in ‘Outrages.’” In it, Times book critic Parul Sehgal -- no conservative curmudgeon she -- offers a bracing dismantling of one of liberalism’s more bafflingly successful writers.

Major similarities between the 2016 presidential election and that of 2000 don’t end with the Democrat winning the popular vote but losing the electoral vote, claims Marcotte, who contended that the media had it in for Hillary Clinton the same way they did for Al Gore, and that in each case biased campaign coverage was a factor in driving down Democratic voter turnout. Regarding this year’s race, Marcotte remarked, “Replace ‘I invented the internet’ with ‘emails,’ ‘Naomi Wolf’ with ‘pneumonia’ and ‘Ralph Nader’ with ‘Jill Stein,’ and you’re looking at a rerun.”

The author of The Beauty Myth alleged over the weekend on Facebook that the U.S. government isn’t really fighting the terrorist group and the deadly disease, but instead is engaged in a power grab.

Your humble correspondent is so fascinated by his own navel that he spends hours each day just staring at it. In fact, I am so absorbed by that body part that I am planning on writing a biography about it called "Belly Button: A New Biography."

Should you think that I am over the top in narcissistic self-absorbtion, that is nothing compared to the book that former Al Gore "alpha male" consultant, Naomi Wolf, has written. I shall put the title of her about to be released book under the fold to give you the opportunity to put your coffee mugs down to spare drenching your computer monitors. Okay, are you ready? Here is the title:

Some on the left have noted a disturbing trend – despite their best efforts, people keep seeing the U.S. military as admirable. When Seal Team 6 killed Osama Bin Laden on the orders of a liberal Democrat commander in chief, lefties had to endure the nation’s celebration of the special ops warriors. Then “Act of Valor” his theaters last month, and a variety of liberal outlets branded the heroic film as propaganda.

And now singer Katy Perry – who, as an entertainer, should know better – has made a video celebrating the training and commitment of U.S. Marines.

Feminist author Naomi Wolf insisted on today's Now with Alex Wagner that New Yorkers were not really all that inconvenienced by the Occupy Wall Street movement.

"Yesterday, commuters and small business owners couldn't get to work the Occupiers were blocking subway entrances, you [also] had the Brooklyn Bridge" pedestrian walkway crammed with Occupiers, conservative columnist S.E. Cupp complained in a panel segment on Occupy Wall Street's political objectives, if any.

"I didn't see any of that. There's no reporting about that, I follow the reporting very carefully," Wolf retorted (see video below page break).

"[F]or America's sake, I hope that Al Jazeera penetrates the US media market. Unless Americans see the images and narratives that shape how others see us, the US will not be able to overcome its reputation as the world's half-blind bully."

So stated Naomi Wolf's "I Want My Al Jazeera" published at the Huffington Post Tuesday evening (image courtesy Mike Licht):

As NewsBusters previously reported, schlockumentary filmmaker Michael Moore got himself in trouble this week when he defended WikiLeaker Julian Assange from Swedish rape charges.

Moore doubled down with this defense Friday publishing "Dear Government of Sweden" at the Huffington Post: 

Gee, I wasn't aware there was such anxiety about that.

Photographer and author Anne Geddes wrote at Huffington Post on Oct. 22 of being inspired to publish a book with photographs of babies and mothers after seeing an art exhibit of birds' nests in Australia.

Richard Viguerie, Conservative Activst; Eliot Spitzer, CNN Host; & Kathleen Parker, CNN Host | NewsBusters.orgConservative Richard Viguerie brought his criticism of CNN's "left-of-center" bent on Thursday's Parker-Spitzer, and recommended that the network bring on more "articulate conservatives." The two CNN hosts, whom Viguerie recently criticized in a recent column, did their best to support his allegation by bringing on four liberals as guests during the program.

The conservative wrote an August 17, 2010 column in the Washington Examiner criticizing CNN for claiming that they're "playing it right down the middle," when in reality, they lean towards the liberal side. Parker launched right into addressing her guest's criticism: "So, we're going to go ahead and get the elephant out of the room, and I'm not talking about you. But you did write about me....that I am a 'pleasantly wishy-washy, mostly plain vanilla Republican.' It's hard to see your words applied when the person is actually present, isn't it?"

Viguerie replied by half-jokingly taking back his label, but immediately gave her another:

Air America’s website is loving Joy Behar’s show on CNN Headline News. Last Wednesday, Joy took a whack at conservative talker Sean Hannity as she introduced discussion on whether women have a "G-spot" of sexual satisfaction.

Naomi Wolf on Monday accused former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin of being part of a "cabal" involving George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Karl Rove.

The feminist author and political consultant made this accusation on CNN's "Larry King Live."

Fortunately, former Bush adviser Mary Matalin was there to contest Wolf's absurdities:

[T]his is why people think liberals are such fringies. I mean you -- you run around saying that she's such a dope, but you were all duped by the dope. That's what you've said about George Bush, too.

In the end, the paranoia on display, as well as the unchecked hatred for Palin, was nothing less than remarkable -- but Matalin was there to bring some sanity to the discussion (video embedded below the fold with transcript, h/t Story Balloon):