On Monday night, Charlie Rose lovingly opened his interview with Hillary Clinton by reciting a glowing review of her new book. Clinton sat down for the full hour suck-up on Rose’s PBS show and was greeted to Rose reading from Jennifer Senior’s New York Times book review of What Happened. In fact, Rose couldn’t get through the entire open without sharing a laugh with Clinton as the two seemed to revel in the rapturous review.  

The journalists at CBS This Morning, particularly Charlie Rose, are usually rather soft when it comes to high profile leaders, particularly Democrats. It’s not surprising that this rule didn’t hold for Mike Pence on Thursday. Rose grilled the Vice President on Iran and defended Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with the rogue country.  

Having Sean Spicer appear on the Emmys may be offensive, but the journalists at CBS This Morning loved the “great” award show for mocking “recurring punch line” Donald Trump. Trying to spin the event as somehow just general political comedy, Gayle King hailed, “Television’s biggest night was infused with politics and references to the President.”

The journalists at CBS This Morning on Thursday hyped a potential DACA deal between Donald Trump and Chuck Schumer as a “clean” plan in comparison to all the “messy” GOP options. Co-host Charlie Rose touted the idea of geography being a good reason for a deal between the Democrat leader and the President: “Is he simply more comfortable with Chuck Schumer because they're both New Yorkers, one from Queens and one from Brooklyn?” 

It’s already started: CBS’s Jane Pauley rolled out the red carpet for Hillary Clinton, in her first book tour stop promoting What Happened. The CBS Sunday Morning host treated the 2016 loser with kid gloves as she tenderly laid up softball after softball, feeling Hillary’s pain. Of course, this is the kind of book tour treatment Clinton has grown accustomed to, whether she was hawking a book as First Lady, first year Senator or presidential candidate.

The arguments made by liberal hypocrites as to why -- and how -- Hillary Clinton lost her bid for the presidency in 2016 are astounding. What’s even more astounding is how this topic is still consuming them, ten months after the election was over.



On Sunday, CBS News ran two high-profile interviews with two very influential political movers and shakers, the Jane Pauley interview with Hillary Clinton during Sunday Morning and Charlie Rose’s interview with Steve Bannon on 60 Minutes. And the two interviews couldn’t be any more different. Pauley’s was mournful as she tried to connect with Clinton over her loss to Trump, while in the other, Rose was eager to fight and became combative as he lectured Bannon.

On a day mostly filled with hurricane coverage, CBS This Morning on Friday managed to shove in some liberal bias. The co-hosts eagerly hyped Harvard University’s president and her denouncement of Donald Trump over the “cruel” end of DACA. Charlie Rose breathlessly related, “President Trump's decision affects dozens of current Harvard students.” 

Suddenly, CBS is interested in the Catholic Church’s stances on moral issues. This Morning co-host Charlie Rose on Thursday badgered Steve Bannon on whether his support for ending the immigration policy known as DACA might endanger his “good Catholic” status. Rose previewed his 60 Minutes interview, highlighting this exchange on religious opposition to ending the program: “Can I remind you, a good Catholic, that Cardinal Dolan is opposed to what's  happening with DACA. Cardinal Dolan!”

CBS This Morning co-hosts on Thursday skipped questioning Virginia’s Terry McAuliffe about his debunked Charlottesville claims. Instead, the journalists offered softballs about whether the Democratic governor thinks Donald Trump is “unfit to be President.” 

On the August 7 edition of PBS’s Charlie Rose show the author who penned The Atlantic article “How America Lost Its Mind” (that trashed Trump, Rush Limbaugh and the conservative movement) told Rose the reasons, in his view, the country had lost its mind. One of them was religion. 

Who better than an ex-Hillary Clinton adviser who worked on the Iran deal to weigh in on the escalating conflict with North Korea? That’s who Charlie Rose turned to on Wednesday’s CBS This Morning. The co-hosts did not press Jake Sullivan on problems or scandals involving the Obama administration’s Iran negotiations.