Charlottesville was back on the hot topics table at ABC’s The View, September 15, one month to the day after violence broke out on the campus of the University of Virginia. But instead of thought-provoking conversation on the serious issue, as usual, conspiracy theories about the right was the prevailing opinion expressed at the table by the liberal hosts. Whoopi Goldberg had the most mind-numbing take, actually wondering out loud if the right had “made up” Antifa, so they could have something to “bitch about.”

Nunca hay que subestimar a Univisión cuando se trata de marcar nuevos momentos bajos del periodismo.

When it comes to hitting new lows in journalism, never underestimate Univision. 


In an apparently never-ending crusade to brand Trump as a KKK-supporting white supremacist, on Wednesday's Morning Joe, MSNBC hosts Mika Brzezinksi, Joe Scarborough, and Willie Geist conducted a segment with Associated Press Political Reporter Jonathan Lemire in which they salivated over the prospect that a new congressional joint resolution asking the President to once again condemn “White nationalists, White supremacists, the Klu Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, and other hate groups” would become political cannon fodder for undermining Trump if he failed to sign it.

Clearly, it’s a bad time to be a dauntless Italian navigator whose explorations led directly to the founding of the greatest nation and force for good the world has ever known. More specifically, it’s a bad time to be a monument to that intrepid seaman.

The arguments made by liberal hypocrites as to why -- and how -- Hillary Clinton lost her bid for the presidency in 2016 are astounding. What’s even more astounding is how this topic is still consuming them, ten months after the election was over.



One has to wonder: Are some celebrities promoting communism in their anti-Trump rants? According to Jim Carrey, the hurricanes and politics are linked, “Trump is a fucking imbecile,” and Americans are going to “struggle” like “people did under the czar,” which, unless Carrey doesn’t know, means that his idea of “progress” is the tyrannical communism brought to Russia by Stalin.

Next time you’re stuck in an airport (the only time most people subject themselves to CNN) and Don Lemon is on, pretending to be a reasonable, unbiased journalist,  remember his September 9 award speech from at the GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) San Francisco Gala -- the one where he responded, “Thank you, it’s about time!”


“The Obamas won an Emmy!” At the Creative Arts Emmys in Hollywood, the real winner was the liberal agenda, as represented by CNN, the Obamas, climate change, drag queens, and the Women’s March.

Relics of the past should be preserved, for the sake of history, art, and future generations. But the current frenzy to demand removal of (and in some cases actually violently destroy) Confederate monuments, and even American monuments threatens to erase large swaths of American history -- noble and deplorable alike.


Race relations and identity politics are what drive some people to make some unbelievable judgments on the United States. Long before the Charlottesville incident in August, the left has slimed the right at racists and white supremacists. In The Atlantic, an essay by National Correspondent Ta-Nehisi Coates, with the headline, “The First White President,” was published this week. Coates, of course, is a man so blinded by his own rage-addled racism that he declared the cops and firemen who died in the 9-11 attacks “were not human to me.” An excerpt from his new book, We Were Eight Years in Power, the essay detailed the sins of white folk in politics since 1776.

Many blacks and their white liberal allies demand the removal of statues of Confederate generals and the Confederate battle flag, and they are working up steam to destroy the images of Gens. Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee and President Jefferson Davis from Stone Mountain in Georgia. Allow me to speculate as to the whys of this statue removal craze, which we might call statucide.