Sweet-On-Obama Sixteen | Media Research CenterWe have reached the final days of voting from amongst the Enamored Eight. 

The polls remain open through Sunday, so if you haven't already, get in there and cast your ballot.

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Jeffrey Toobin, CNN Senior Political Analyst, & Gloria Borger, CNN Senior Political Analyst | NewsBusters.org

[See update below for how Toobin did the same thing later in the evening.] 

CNN senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin brushed aside the issues of Barack Obama’s affiliation with left-wing terrorist William Ayers and the liberal group ACORN during a roundtable discussion on Wednesday’s Situation Room program: "Who cares about ACORN? Who cares about Bill Ayers? I mean, I just don't get this. What is the point of raising that?" When CNN senior political analyst Gloria Borger countered by trying to show the relevance of these affiliations, that "he has given lots of different stories on Ayers, and that his affiliation with ACORN, as a group that they think now has been discredited," Toobin went further: "But he doesn't have an affiliation with ACORN." When both Borger and host Wolf Blitzer both affirmed that he did have ties to the organization, Toobin backtracked: "...I stand corrected on that, but I just don't see why that is going to move voters?"

Toobin must not be watching his own network, for CNN investigative correspondent Drew Griffin outlined on October 6 how "the relationship between Obama and Ayers went much deeper, ran much longer, and was much more political than Obama said," including how the two worked together on the board of the Annenberg Challenge Project and the Woods Foundation, and how Obama’s political career began during a meeting at Ayers’s house. While the network omitted ACORN’s name from an October 9 news brief about a raid on the organization’s Las Vegas office, the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s story about the raid acknowledged how ACORN "has a liberal political agenda and ties to Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama."

Sweet-On-Obama Sixteen | Media Research CenterWe are approaching halftime of Round Two of the MRC's Sweet-On-Obama Sixteen Media Bias Tournament.

If you haven't yet cast your ballots from among the Enamored Eight, it's time to do so. And if you have, check back often to keep tabs on your picks.

We now proudly unveil on NewsBusters.org the trophy that we will present to the Media's Most Valuable Partisan (MVP) -- the winner of the Sweet-On-Obama Sixteen Tournament. It is a Major Award, and will certainly send a thrill up the leg of whomever is fortunate enough to receive it.


Hey, did you know that "when one thinks of voter fraud, one usually associates it with the GOP?" That's what U.S. News's Bonnie Erbe's lead-in is in her online article today picked up by CBS news online. (NOTE: I initially indicated Erbe wrote for CBS. CBS actually picked up Erbe's US News article. I regret the error.

Sweet-On-Obama Sixteen | Media Research CenterRound One of the MRC's Sweet-On-Obama Sixteen is complete. Voting for Round Two -- The Enamored Eight -- has begun in earnest.

Eight competitors, though highly biased in their own right, were simply unable to overcome the Obama-Love of their opponents, and were pushed by all of you to the partisan wayside.

There were three upsets, including the downing of a #1 Seed.

So while we know nearly every member of the press is neck-deep in the tank for the Illinois Senator, it is anyone's guess -- and your voting decision -- who will end up being being named the Media's Most Valuable Partisan for the Man of Hope and Change.

So, let the deciding recommence.

CNN Graphic on ACORN Voter Fraud Raid in Las Vegas | NewsBusters.orgOn Thursday’s American Morning program on CNN, co-anchor Kiran Chetry failed to mention ACORN’s name during a news brief about the law enforcement raid on the liberal organization’s local headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, as part of an investigation into allegations of voter fraud. Chetry called ACORN a “non-profit group” that was “disputing claims it committed voter registration fraud.” She also referred to the group, which is linked to Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, as a “community organization that helps organize voter outreach.” The only indication that the brief was about ACORN was a file video that was displayed for 5 seconds that showed the organization’s name written on a form.

During the 28-second brief, which aired at the bottom-half of the 6 am Eastern hour of the CNN program, Chetry also stated how the raid occurred after authorities in Sin City noticed “some names did not match addresses” with some of the voter registration forms submitted by ACORN. She then continued that “[t]hey [local authorities] also say some of the forms included names of Dallas Cowboys players. The group's regional director claims they were the ones who tipped off election officials about fake or duplicate forms.”

This is getting extraordinarily old, and I vow that this will be the last time I respond to the hacks at the Huffington Post, at least on this issue, but I must again back-hand the disingenuous and highly tenuous Seth Colter Walls.

The estimable Matthew Vadum at the Capital Research Center has again provided answers to the new questions Walls posed by Walls. These are just as devastating to the HuffPo's lame defense of Illinois Senator Barack Obama as Vadum's last round of responses was to their first round of queries, in fact even more so.

As to Walls addressing us. While usually pretending to be a journalist or a Sen. Obama campaign PR flak, he on Sunday took time out to play-act as a non-profit attorney. He proved himself to be just as untalented and unqualified in this capacity.

CNN Graphic of Sarah Palin, Republican vice-presidential candidate | NewsBusters.orgCNN’s so-called Truth Squad, in two reports on Sunday and Monday by two different correspondents, labeled Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin "false" for stating that Barack Obama "sees America as imperfect enough to pal around with terrorists who targeted their own country." The Squad, in their "fact-checking" of the Alaska governor, who was making a reference to left-wing terrorist William Ayers, obfuscated Obama’s past connections to the former leader of the Weather Underground. The Squad’s reports, which aired on CNN’s Sunday Morning program and on Monday’s American Morning, also left out key details about the Democratic presidential candidate’s past with Ayers.

The network first made an attempt at "fact-checking" Palin’s statement, which she made at a campaign rally in Carson, California, near the beginning of the 7 am hour of their Sunday Morning program. Anchor T.J. Holmes, after a report by Don Lemon on the Alaska governor’s claim, gave a brief look at the Obama/Ayers connection. "Well, nobody's exactly sure how well Bill Ayers and Barack Obama know each other. The New York Times, CNN, other news organizations have looked into this, found that they apparently did not have a very close relationship, it appears." Well, that’s about as clear as Mississippi River mud, and one might guess that Holmes was asking his audience to take the word of two liberal media outlets.

Update: Matthew Vadum responds to the questions that the Huffington Post refused to ask him.

Specifically, their "reporter" Seth Colter Walls in "Fox News, GOP Tag-Team Obama With Voter Fraud Smear." Let's begin the deconstruction.

Friday morning, I made a 7:45am appearance on the Fox News Channel's Fox & Friends to discuss how nearly every media outlet is avoiding like the plague any coverage of Illinois Senator Barack Obama's long relationship with ACORN (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), the serially criminal voter registration outfit.

So as to better explain why the press, who love Sen. Obama with the intensity of a thousand suns, would be steering clear of reporting on the connections, I cited briefly some basic factual information about Sen. Obama's dealings with ACORN. The media are sitting on this information because they know it would be very damaging to Sen. Obama and his Presidential campaign.

The Media Research Center's Director of Communications and NewsBusters.org Contributing Editor Seton Motley appeared this morning on the Fox News Channel's Fox & Friends to discuss the media's ongoing silence about the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, better known by it's acronym, ACORN.

Seton asserts that the media has remained steadfastly silent about ACORN due to the group's extensive and extended connections with Sen. Obama, and have done so so as not to damage Sen. Obama's chances in this year's Presidential election.

Seton discusses how ACORN has been in the past convicted of voter registration fraud in six states and is currently under investigation for either registration fraud or misuse of funds in fourteen. He points out that they have routinely registered to vote dead and underage people, and fictitious personages with names like "Jive Turkey," "Mary Poppins" and "Dick Tracey". He mentions that in 2006 in Washington state, ACORN turned in 1,800 registrations of which six were valid.