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Although yesterday's report of 2.2 million Obamacare "enrollees" focused on the fact that less than a quarter of the 'signups' were under 34 years of age in contrast to the 40% that were expected for the program to work, another important figure was mostly overlooked in the reports. Namely, just how real is that 2.2 million "enrollment" figure. Although Time's Swampland headline jubilantly proclaimed  "Huge Surge in Obamacare Enrollment Reported," Yahoo Finance put it in proper perspective with this harsh dose of reality:

Insurers are finding they're ending up with a lot more applications than payments.

Just how big a jerk is former New York Times executive editor Bill Keller? Enough of a jerk that he’d write a column scolding a cancer patient that his father-in-law had more class when he died with dignity in Britain, as opposed to her fighting away, in real life and on Twitter, with “the frantic medical trench warfare that often makes an expensive misery of death in America.”

He pulled himself into this unseemly fight after his wife Emma Gilbey Keller attacked cancer patient Lisa Bonchek Adams in a column in the left-wing British newspaper The Guardian.

Uncle! I give! I give!

I'm squeamish. There! I said it.

I don't like blood. I don't like gore. I don't like my shows getting into the nitty gritty of that sort of thing.

I've given the show a pass previously, but it's just too much. At what point do we as a society say enough with the copious amounts of blood and guts?

Speaking of copious amounts of things... vengeance.

Jill Lepore at The New Yorker magazine took on the new book on Roger Ailes by comparing Ailes to William Randolph Hearst. This is odd, since Hearst’s actual tycoon character at Fox would be Rupert Murdoch, not Ailes.

In one classic paragraph, Lepore explained that urbane liberals shouldn’t be so lazy as to despise Ailes (as they did Hearst) when they should really loathe “the vulgarity and the prejudices” of the lower-class Fox News audience that Ailes attracts:

As NewsBusters has been reporting, the Hillary Clinton-loving media are doing almost back-breaking contortions to make the recent Bridgegate scandal completely destroy Governor Chris Christie’s (R-N.J.) presidential ambitions.

Obviously doing his part Monday was MSNBC’s Chris Matthews who selectively edited comments George Will made on Fox News Sunday to make it appear that the syndicated columnist was actually comparing Bridgegate to Watergate (multipart video follows with transcripts and commentary):

On Saturday, at Sean Penn's Help Haiti Home gala fundraising auction, CNN's Anderson Cooper paid $1.4 million on a work of art from American artist Jeff Koons.

As amazing as it might seem, although the as-yet unmade piece will be created using Penn's collection of old firearms, Cooper's outspoken anti-gun colleague Piers Morgan was actually second in the bidding offering $1.3 million.

The Obama administration today revealed that more than half of the sign-ups for ObamaCare are aged 45 and older, hardly the sort of young, healthy insurance pool the White House was hoping for.

On their websites, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and New York Times all focused on the older/sicker skew of the signups. The Washington Post, however, tried to accentuate the positive for the administration. "Young adults make up almost one-quarter of health sign-ups," cheered the headline [see collage of headlines below the page break]. But as Louise Radnofsky reported for the Journal (emphasis mine):

Latest pro-gay program will restart with two women kissing in bed.

On January 7, CNN's national security analyst Peter Bergen wrote on that "al Qaeda appears to control more territory in the Arab world than it has done at any time in its history." However, CNN only mentioned his eye-opening piece once since it was published online.

In contrast to its virtual ignorance of Bergen's article, CNN reported on Dennis Rodman's bizarre visit to North Korea on nine different news hours last Wednesday.

Some important ObamaCare news broke late on Friday when the Obama administration announced it was dropping CGI, the contractor that built the inept website, and replacing it with technology consulting firm Accenture. On top of that, on Friday, the Republican-led House passed a bill -- with a substantial number of Democrats joining in -- to partially address security concerns regarding

But alas, ABC’s Good Morning America didn’t have time to relay this news during the first half-hour of Saturday’s program. They were too busy reporting on a horrific scandal involving a prominent Democratic politician. And no, it was not about Benghazi, or the IRS targeting conservative groups, or anything to do with President Obama. Nope, this scandal involved New York City’s new mayor, Bill De Blasio. It turns out the mayor was caught red-handed eating pizza the wrong way. Co-anchor Dan Harris introduced the story:

CNN’s Jake Tapper would have done well to read “Lone Survivor,” rather than just seeing the new movie, before interviewing former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell last week. If he had, Tapper might have been more careful than to describe the deaths of Luttrell’s SEAL comrades in Afghanistan as “senseless.” And he would have been wary of Luttrell’s contempt for the liberal media.

The film “Lone Survivor, which ” took in $38.5 million at the box office its opening weekend is based on a 2010 book by Luttrell that tells the tragic story of a 2005 operation in which the three other members of Luttrell’s SEAL team, along with 17 other special ops warriors, were killed. The story turned on the team’s agonized decision to turn lose some Afghan goat herders who had stumbled onto its concealed position. As the SEALs had feared, the freed civilians went straight to the Taliban, precipitating the battle.

Rita Braver badgered former Defense Secretary Robert Gates on the January 12, 2013 edition of CBS's Sunday Morning over his new memoir which, in her words, "has created such turmoil in Washington." Braver even used Gates's own words against him: "In your book, you say that one of your favorite adages is, never miss a good chance to shut up. And I wonder if you think, maybe, you violated your own advice here."

The correspondent's hardball treatment of the former Obama cabinet official contrasts with her kid glove treatment of Attorney General Eric Holder during a September 12, 2010 interview for the morning show: [MP3 audio available here; video below the jump]

In a panel packed with Obama sycophants on Sunday's NBC Meet the Press, lone conservative Rick Santorum was shouted down the moment he observed that Robert Gates's new memoir showed "that the President puts domestic politics before international concerns." Amid the wailing and gnashing of teeth, MSNBC host Chris Matthews declared: "But that's not what the book says. Rick, it didn't say that." [Listen to the audio or watch the video after the jump]

Santorum was only allowed to speak for a total of forty-six seconds during the nearly ten-minute panel discussion of Gates's book. During Santorum's first twenty-second spot on camera, Gregory  pressed him to respond to left-wing activist Michael Moore: "Here's something that he tweeted this week, 'Bob Gates in his new book says Obama appointees in the White House were, quote, suspicious of and didn't trust the military honchos. Thank God.'"


Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly on Friday marveled over the "amazing" disparity between how the networks deluged America with coverage on Chris Christie's traffic scandal versus how ABC, CBS and ABC covered Barack Obama's IRS controversy over the last six months. Commentator Bernard Goldberg also found the disparity "incredible." [See video below. MP3 audio here.]

Relying on an analysis by the Media Research Center, Goldberg explained, "In the last 24 hours, actually in less than 24 hours, ABC, NBC, and CBS News devoted 17 times more coverage, air time, 17 times more than they devoted are in the past six months to the IRS scandal." In fact, as of Friday morning, the number was up to 44-to-one.