AP Knows Racists Secretly Want Obama to Win in Nov.

August 9th, 2008 6:49 AM

Do you know who the Associated Press thinks is secretly hoping for a Barack Obama win? Why, it's "racist groups," dontcha know? See, as the AP reports it, a black man as president couldn't be a more perfect example of how the dark race is takin' over and ruining the white man's world, right? At least, that is according to the AP's favorite go-to racist guy, David Duke, anyway. And what better way for the AP to prove that only racists oppose Obama, eh?

AP decided to dredge up the aforementioned David Duke to let the country know that "the racists" are wringing their hands in a gleeful expectation that a president Barack will swell the ranks of the KKK and other racist groups. Sternly telling us that "They're not exactly rooting for him, but prominent white supremacists anticipate a boost to their cause if Barack Obama becomes the first black president," the AP lets the cat out of the bag for the hooded set.

Want proof? Well, the AP is happy to give it... such as it is.

Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, of Louisiana, said Democrat Obama would be a "visual aid" to the idea that whites have lost control of America.
Richard Barrett, a 65-year-old lawyer who traveled the country for 40 years advocating what he perceives as the white side in racial issues, is convinced Obama will defeat Republican John McCain in November.
Run for the hills, folks, cuz "the racists" are coming to town. But, where is the real news here? We have the claims of two racists prominent in their tiny little world that a black president will send white Americas streaming to the KKK, sure, but what other proof does the AP give us to make this assertion a truism. Well, nothing, really. All the AP has for us is the rants of these two goofy, unimportant, nutcases, is all. In other words, this report is completely un-newsworthy based only on sensationalism and a salacious taking of the word of two members of society's fringe and making of it a "story." There has been no perceivable rise in racism in America because of Obama's candidacy. There is no corresponding data of swelling in the ranks in racist organizations. In fact, the AP itself notes that it's estimated that only 200,000 Americans belong to a racist organization. 200,000. We have THREE HUNDRED MILLION citizens in this country. Yet, only 200,000 thousand are estimated as belonging to racist organizations. You do the math. This is not a story. But it is a nice, underhanded way to help Barack Obama prove that any criticism of him is solely based on "racism," just as he keeps trying to intimate with his campaign. The AP is as much as winking, nodding, and slyly saying to America with its hand to its mouth, "see, Obama's right. Only racists oppose him." So, the whole country will suddenly join the KKK, right? Why, that's gotta be right. After all, the AP found two guys that say so!

(Photo Credit: Bob Farley)