Follow-up: Tweeters Indicate Thanksgiving Obamacare Conversations Didn't Help the President's Cause

November 30th, 2013 10:35 AM

In the runup to Thanksgiving, Organizing For Action, the group whose sole mission is to promote President Barack Obama's agenda, with the "help" of an absolutely horrid video, encouraged its members to "have the talk with your loved ones" about signing up for Obamacare.

Just before Thanksgiving, as P.J. Gladnick at NewsBusters noted on Thursday, two Huffington Post writers suggested that changing the subject away from Obamacare might be the better move. Even Andrew Rosenthal at the Obama-loving New York Times was concerned: "I question the wisdom of directing people to a cheery ad for the exchanges before they, you know, work. The president’s communications team is just asking for it." Based on tweets collected by the intrepid Twitter monitors at, they got it (some individual tweets were given minor edits; bolds are mine):

Thanks, Obama! Here’s what happened when Obamacare came up at Thanksgiving dinners


... For some families, Obamacare at the holiday table was a recipe for disaster. New Thanksgiving tradition: Screaming arguments.

Thanks, Obama (six tweets on this list and the one which follows were selected from longer compilations — Ed.):

- "My family is drunk and screaming at each other about Obamacare."
- "Family fighting over Obamacare. lol here we go."
- "Yay! Inevitable Obamacare extended family argument time!"
- "Arguing about Obamacare and social media at the dinner table…. I'm so done wow can I sleep now?"
- "Oh no. Someone brought up health insurance and obamacare and now theres lots of yelling."
- "Everybody's drunk and yelling at eachother about obamacare and its not even 5 yet."

But Obamacare chatter at the dinner table didn’t just lead to misery. For some, there was family unity … but not in the way Dems intended:

- "We held a family vote on Obama Care and we were unanimous in being "agin" it. First time we've all agreed on anything."
- "Followed obama's advice to discuss #obamacare during turkey dinner. Family consensus was obama is worst Pres in US history."
- "Well we sat down as a family and all talked about the failure of #obamacare today at dinner. Thats what we were supposed to do, right?"
- "We discussed #Obamacare at Thanksgiving dinner. We all still agree that it sucks."
- "The only remotely liberal family member at Thanksgiving dinner today didn't say a word in defense of Obamacare. Sorry, @OFA."
- "Here was our conversation about O'care at dinner; Obamacare sucks, now please pass the mashed potatoes" - "#Obamacare talk w family went better then expected. They all agreed ACA should be repealed!!"
- "We discussed obamacare over dinner as we were instructed. First time this family has been in total agreement about anything. Obamacare SUCKS"

I wonder if Rosenthal of the Huffington Post writers plan any kind of follow-up on the "Health Care for the Holidays" initiative? (/sarcasm)

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