Awww: Politico's Thrush Is Bored by 'ACA Debacle'

November 17th, 2013 10:27 PM

It's hard to tell whether a Sunday morning tweet (HT Twitchy) by the Politico's Glenn Thrush is an attempt to deflect attention from the historic Obamacare trainwreck or a sign of a serious midlife crisis.

Poor Glenn is bored. He "can't watch/listen to another word" about the Affordable Care Act. Apparently, writing a roughly 7000-word Politico Magazzzz ... zzz ... zzz ... excuse me, Magazine item about the utter uselessness and policy detachment of most of President Obama's cabinet is more interesting to him (I'm estimating the total word count because I got bored after reading Page 1 of 5 and seeing my word processor count over 1,500 words). Glenn, you really need to get out of Washington and talk to some of the millions who have seen their policies cancelled, along with a few of those who have seen their health insurance premiums double or triple under Obamacare with often worse coverage. One thing they aren't is bored.

Here are a few reactions, right and left, to Thrush's unthrilled thoughts (spelling errors corrected):


"It must be nice to enjoy your privilege with a pen never having to worry about INS or a kid with a pre-existing condition."

"It's not boring to the people who are losing their health coverage and seeing their premiums spike."

"Yeah, 5 million health plan cancellations. Thousands of doctors laid off. Yaaaaawn."

"It's different. This is 'There's something to see and I'm bored of seeing it.' Very 6-year-old. 'Obamacare is BORING, Mom!'"

"When did @GlennThrush join the White House admin?"

Pretty much when he joined Politico.

Here's a suggestion for our good buddy Glenn. Take a few days off. Make it a few weeks if you have to Smell the roses. Go on an aimless, no-agenda road trip. Visit relatives. If you're still bored, don't come back to writing. I promise — there will be no hard feelings.

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