Obama: What I Said Was You Can Keep Your Health Care Plan 'If It Hasn’t Changed Since the Law Was Passed'

November 4th, 2013 10:17 PM

Update, Nov. 5, 8:30 a.m.: Video added below.

Well, let's see how well this unspeakably pathetic attempt to explain away the lie of the century (so far) works with the establishment press.

Two separate tweeters — Reid Epstein at Politico and Mark Knoller at CBS News — are reporting that President Obama, at a rally of the Organizing For Action faithful this evening, told his audience that "What we said was you can keep it (your health plan) if it hasn’t changed since the law passed" (HTs to Hot Air and Twitchy):


Reminder: On September 30, Calvin Woodward at the Associated Press wrote the following in a "Fact Check," conveniently buried at Paragraph 15:

.. REP. KEVIN McCARTHY, R-Calif.: "When we started this health care debate, the president led with a very big promise to the American people: If you like the health care that you have, that you currently have, you can keep it." - At a Sept. 20 House Republican rally after passage of the bill that would finance the government on condition the health care law is starved of money.

... THE FACTS: McCarthy is correct, Obama said exactly that. It was an empty promise, made repeatedly. ...

Nothing in the health care law guarantees that people can keep the health insurance they already have. Costs can rise, benefits can change and employers can drop coverage.

You don't get to change your evaluation now, Cal. Or the rest of you at AP. Or Bill Maher. Or progressive cable clowns. Or prog pundits. Or anyone else who correctly recognized Obama's serial statement as the lie that it was.

Don't even try.

Oh, and one more thing. As Megyn Kelly noted a week ago, Obama, responding to a question from Arizona Senator John Kyl in February 2010, promised that you could even keep your "Acme Insurance" plan, with no qualifications:

Actually, any insurance that you currently have would be grandfathered in so you could keep it. So you could decide not to get in the exchange the better plan. I could keep my Acme Insurance, just a high deductible catastrophic plan. I would not be required to get the better one.

So even the new lie doesn't fly.

UPDATE: Video of Obama's statement (HT Mediaite) --

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