So Predictable: Politico's 'Pro' Subscription Service Features Two 'Climate Change' Stories in Its Top Four

October 30th, 2012 5:31 PM

Politico promises readers who sign up for its subscription "Pro" service they they will have "No boring stories telling you things you already know."

Well, there's nothing more predictable and boring than stories about global warming and climate change which appear every time there's a major hurricane, serious flooding, or other weather-related catastrophe. Yet, as will be seen after the jump, the supposedly non-boring Politico Pro front page has two such stories in its top four.

Here it is:




Earlier this afternoon, Rich Noyes at NewsBusters ran down the opportunistic TV coverage attempting to tie Hurricane Sandy to global warming, including comments from Mr. Global Warming himself, former Vice President Al Gore.

Since it hasn't gone behind the online publication's subscription firewall yet, here are select paragraphs from Darren Goode's report about McKibben, wherein we find that the activist is flogging a post-election tour to bring "climate change" to everyone's attention (like we haven't heard enough globaloney to last a century):

Bill McKibben: Hurricane Sandy a 'wake-up call' on climate change

“This is an absolutely unprecedented storm,” he said Monday evening. And it comes during the warmest year in recorded history in the United States — dating back to the late 19th century — and one in which many areas were affected by a serious drought.

“This has been, this entire year, should be a serious wake-up call and the public’s beginning to get it,” said McKibben, founder of the climate advocacy organization.

But he’s not expecting much from federal officials regardless of who wins the White House and Congress. “In Washington, the fossil fuel industry has bought one party and scared the other so we’re going to have to build a movement to challenge them some,” he said.

So McKibben has planned a 21-city tour almost entirely starting the day after the election and designed to create a public uprising of sorts against the fossil fuel industry — a movement McKibben has likened to the rebuke of U.S. companies against those who did business with South Africa during Apartheid.

“I think we need to revoke their social license a little,” he said.

The tour includes a video by South African bishop and civil rights leader Desmond Tutu noting that “just as apartheid was the moral issue of a quarter century ago, as he puts it, climate change is the moral issue of our time,” McKibben said. “All over the world, people are suffering an enormous amount for a problem they didn’t do anything to cause.”

A reminder: There has been no global warming in 16 years.

The article notes that McKibben's first related "event" was in Vermont on October 13, which "just so happens" to be about a week after the first presidential debate, when it became clear to those whose interest isn't in twisting news 24-7 that Mitt Romney had taken command of the presidential race. I wouldn't be surprised if McKibben loses interest in his tour after the election if the guy the left generally favors for reelection isn't able to mount a comeback.

As to Politico Pro: Who in the world would pay for this stuff?

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