Hillary's Babbling with Bartiromo Ignored by All Except Rush

Hillary Clinton's performance in her interview with Maria "Money Honey" Bartiromo of CNBC last week was so bad that she must have sent a double (stop shivering at the thought, will ya?).

After all, the genuine Smartest Woman in the World couldn't possibly have said the things she said, as noted at Rush Limbaugh's site last Thursday. It got so bad that Bartiromo, who seemingly has barely cracked a smile since George Bush became president, felt compelled to challenge her.

Here is one of the choice offerings Mrs. Clinton served up:

(There are ) lots of people who come on your show who, you know, are gung-ho, protect the tax cuts for the wealthiest of Americans, that will not work if the economy slows down. You need to get money in the pockets of tens of hundreds of millions of Americans, and that's what I intend to do.

Would the real Hillary have told Maria that there are billions of Americans who need to have money in their pockets?

Some, including Rush, will say that she was thinking of the population of Communist China, the possible source of so much of her campaign funding, but I digress.

Here's another item she tried to push past Maria:

But I think it is, as I probably evidenced to your viewers, amusing, that we would have had these tax cuts, which I have benefited from, and people in my income tax bracket have benefited from, and the rest of the economy is stalled.

Some "stall." The real Hillary surely knows that GDP grew by 3.8% (annualized) in the second quarter, and 4.9% in the third (before final revision). Her crack staff of advisers knows that while Old Media has been busy talking the economy down, October's and November's news about growth in manufacturing, services, and the job market have all been very positive. So they wouldn't put her on a cable network covering the economy and the markets so woefully underprepared, would they?

Oh wait. I know what happened. It WAS the real Hillary, but she thought she was going to appear on NBC, not CNBC, whose viewers are largely not among the 57% (!) who told CNN's Friend of Clinton-controlled (see last few paragraphs at post) Opinion Research Corporation that they believe we are currently in a recession.

NBC's viewers, on the other hand, probably believe in even larger numbers that we are now in a recession. NBC and other Old Media networks have been talking down the economy and feeding their audiences so much doom and gloom that it's a wonder their viewers have the strength to get up in the morning.

Nobody that I know of besides Rush has noted Mrs. Clinton's pitiful CNBC performance. The idea that she might actually be involved in overseeing the economy is what really should be giving viewers the shivers.

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