Fiorina Amnesia! MSNBC Host Claims Trump's Never Been on Stage With a Female Candidate

September 26th, 2016 8:14 PM

Charlie Hoffmann at the Washington Free Beacon found MSNBC anchor Kate Snow pulling a mental muscle on national television today. She claimed Trump has never been on a debate stage with a female candidate. We know that liberals have a hard time conceding that conservative women count as real women, but facts are facts.

Trump debated Carly Fiorina four times in the primaries, and few forget the rumble they had on the debate stage over his mocking her looks. This inaccuracy comes from the people who insist journalists need to be fact checkers in these debates.

Snow played a clip of Barack Obama in 2008 saying “You’re likeable enough” to Hillary Clinton, which she suggested was disastrous. Team Hillary wanted it to be disastrous, but dear Kate, who won that primary race?

SNOW: Look, It was read as him not knowing how to handle a female up there on the stage and being against a woman. It’s not only the first time Trump will debate anyone one on one, but it’s the first time he’ll be on stage with a female candidate. How does he finesse that?

Snow was questioning Steve Cortes, a Trump campaign surrogate, about the Republican nominee’s debate night strategy when she made the statement. "It's a very fair question," Cortes replied, not seeing the fact-mangling, or assuming (generously) that she meant to say it's the first time he's been on stage with a female candidate alone.