Sinking Colorado: 'All Weed, No Easter on Denver Post's Page One'

April 20th, 2014 2:33 PM

Dan Gainor relayed to me that Sunday's New York Times hasn't a whiff of Easter on its front page -- not even in its blurbs at the bottom, saved for epic stories like "U.N. Cholera Struggle in Haiti." Above that is a depressing story about a 12-year-old Ecuadorean girl who committed suicide in Mexico after a second failed attempt at illegal immigration into America.

But it could be worse. Jim Romenesko reports from marijuana-addled Colorado that the Denver Post had nothing on Easter, but a huge writeup on "Welcome to Weed Country": 

Like your usual band of secular-progressive media elites, the Post helpfully, promotionally pointed out the 4/20 Rally on Easter-Schmeaster Sunday:

“The annual rally in Civic Center begins at noon Sunday. Bannock Street in front of the City and County Building alongside the park will be closed throughout the weekend. Despite the rally’s reputation as massive marijuana smoke-out, organizers say this year they will remind attendees that public consumption of marijuana remains illegal.” [Emphasis theirs.]

I’m sure everyone will take that just as seriously as usual.