Toure Slams GOP Racist Code Words: 'Do Democrats Use Racial Code? No'

Time columnist and MSNBC host Toure could really be quite a humorist. Take this unintentional entry: "Do Democrats use racial code? No. The Democratic party is a racially diverse coalition. There would be no value to playing this game." I doubt he means hey, liberals don't use subtle codes: they blatantly accuse Republicans of killing, like in the NAACP's James Byrd ad.

This came in an article headlined "How To Read Political Racial Code." Apparently words like "welfare" and "crime" and "Muslim" and "socialist" are all hate-Obama code words, or as Mr. One Name puts it, "linguistic mustard gas" for our democracy:

Part of my job when I speak about politics is to speak up for black people and say things black people need said. This mission has rarely felt so necessary as it has when racial code words recently entered the Presidential election. These code words are ancient racial stereotypes in slick, modern gear. They are linguistic mustard gas, sliding in covertly, aiming to kill black political viability by allowing white politicians to say ‘Don’t vote for the black guy’ in socially-acceptable language....

Do not be fooled by the canard that both parties do it. That was former RNC Chairman Michael Steele’s response when I asked him about it on my MSNBC show The Cycle. Using certain words to invoke racialized fear and scare white working class voters is a long-established part of the Republican playbook.

Toure can't even struggle to admit of positive racial code words, starting with "affirmative action." How does it sound when someone "opposes affirmative action"?

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