Violent New Sitcom Promises to Mock the Crucifix, Smear Cheney as Akin to Hitler, Stalin

Via Breitbart, we learn that the Independent Film Channel (IFC) has a new sitcom in the works they’re touting/warning is the "most violent sitcom ever made." It’s called Bullet In The Face. Then comes the politics.

In addition to the “unrestrained shootings, peppered with wildly offensive language, IFC is apparently concerned that the use of a crucifix as a backscratcher and dialogue grouping Dick Cheney in with the likes of Hitler and Stalin will be misconstrued as something more than an attempt at some very dark, inappropriate humor." This kind of story is usually more of an advertisement than a warning.

How is it still “edgy” to smear Cheney with a Hitler/Stalin brush when Obama’s been president for almost four years? We’ve seen Hollywood shove at America the the “Lil Bush” cartoons, the Assassination of Bush documentaries, the ridiculous Oliver Stone fictionalizations, the Valerie Plame-promoting “docudramas,” the dozen-plus anti-Iraq flops...and we will probably never see the “dark humor” mocking Obama. That would be racist,  apparently.

Starring former professional hockey player Max Williams, the series is centered on a German assassin who has, for some odd reason, become a cop, and is now caught between two mob bosses. The blog Screen Rant says "Bullet in the Face has reportedly been found so potentially contentious that, in an effort to avoid being the target of certain parental and entertainment watchdog groups, the network has had difficulty placing it on its schedule. According to Deadline, Spencer acknowledges Bullet in the Face has made executives at IFC nervous, but that the network remains supportive."

Spencer stated: “IFC came to me about developing a half-hour action comedy and it somehow turned into the most violent sitcom ever made. But the IFC team has been very supportive. One episode featured beheadings and their only note was that the heads be tastefully handled. [The show] did make some people nervous, but mostly over how to position it. A show where people get shot in the face multiple times isn’t compatible with repeats of Malcolm in the Middle.”

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