Parody on Liberal Stephanie Miller Radio Show Mocks Adoption of 'Little Black Bookends,' An 'Ebony Accessory'

UPDATE: Stephanie Miller poked at this blog post on her show Thursday: "NewsBusters, as you recall, Chris, they are the right wing dopes that got me all the publicity on my [execute-Rush] comment on Larry King....So the test of the Moron Alert System is going splendidly."

After the second wave of hysteria about Rush Limbaugh’s Sharpton-mocking "Barack the Magic Negro" parody, you might think that a liberal radio host making an insensitive skit about African orphan adoption might capture some media attention. In the first hour of the liberal Stephanie Miller show on Wednesday, parodist Jim Ward had an ad for "ChildMax," mocking the Madonnas and Angelina Jolies who adopt a "little black bookend," an "ebony accessory" that’s "guaranteed not to cause inter-tribal massacre around the dinner table." Which liberal watchdog will sound an alarm on this skit? Or do they suspect this is a plea for publicity?[audio available here]

ANNOUNCER: Hey all you international celebrities who have already scored a malnourished African child, but are still feeling unfulfilled. ChildMax here and we know the answer to your on lee (?). Come on over to the Dark Continent and adopt another one. Our extensive research has indicated that post-adoption annoyance is due in most cases to a feeling of asymmetry. That’s right. Get a little black bookend to complete the set. Who needs a single black family member standing out like a raisin in a bowl of rice? Give the little nipper some company. I said nipper. And add a little more melanin to the landscape. You won’t regret it.

We have the completion orphan you need in stock, or we can get you one within 24 hours. (Miller laughs in the background) We’ve got them all, Nigerians, Malawians, Ivory Coasters. Bena-nina-ninians, Benin, Benin. Yeah ,that place. And the ever popular Kenyans. Check out our lot. Here we have the 2003 Multi-ghanian (sic) Ghanaian Ghanian, Ghanian? Someone from Ghana. Already with their second set of teeth with just a few scattered smallpox scars. This fine 2001 model Ethiopian is very lively and loving. And the Kwashiakor, that the, the –

MILLER: I got it.

ANNOUNCER: Yeah thanks, has almost completely cleared up. A couple thousand calories and he’s good as new. And check out this 2005 Ugandan, he’ll be walking as soon as you tank him up with milk to get the rickets under control. Don’t delay, don’t deny yourself. You want ‘em, we got ‘em. Come down to Child Max and take home your Ebony Accessory today. Guaranteed not to cause inter-tribal massacre around the dinner table. Financing available, easy payments, low interest. Call, click, or come on in.

CHRIS LAVOIE, sidekick: Wow.

MILLER: That was…

LAVOIE: That was offensive.

MILLER: Extremely – [laughs] inappropriate.

But Miller liked the skit so much they replayed it in briefer form in the show’s third hour.

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