N.Y. Public Radio Donor Premium: A Bush 'White Trash' Can

How left-wing is taxpayer-supported radio? WBAI-FM, the New York City home of the radical Pacifica Radio network that gets roughly $1 million each year in federal funds, is asking for contributions and offering a premium for $100 donors: a President Bush trash can that says "White Trash" on it.

For a short time only, WBAI offers a signed and numbered limited edition replica of New York artist, Robert Cenedella's "Basket Sculpture." This round metal construction is functional as a waste basket. Each measures 12" x 10".

For $100, which includes both shipping and a donation to WBAI, you can have the pleasure of trashing the President every day just as he has trashed the United States Constitution.

The WBAI website carries other little signs of radicalism here and there. How about their Sunday program "Equal Time for Freethought"? This Sunday, the topic is "Women’s Reproduction, Christian Fascism, and Women’s Emancipation: The Morality of Abortion and the Immorality of Those Who Want to Take it Away." They elaborate about an interview celebrating the abortionist Susan Wicklund:

As the 35th anniversary of Roe V. Wade approaches, it is appropriate to at the degree to which the rise of Christian fundamentalism in American politics and culture has brought with it an unprecedented assault on the most fundamental rights of women...

How deeply is patriarchy embedded within the Christian religion? Why is Christian fascism gaining so much momentum in American politics today? What is the future for women’s most basic reproductive rights? And what is the profound morality in providing women with safe, unstigmatized access to full reproductive freedom?

But this Pacifica station is "free-form" enough for both God-spurning "humanists" and a "Gospel Idol Tour with a Civil Rights Twist."

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