Politico's Calderone Has a Woefully Bad Memory When It Comes to TEA Parties and 'MSM' Bias

UPDATE II: Politico Executive Editor and Co-Founder Jim VandeHei on Monday appeared on Fox News Channel's O'Reilly Factor to defend the indefensible (video at right; audio here).

UPDATE (below the fold): Calderone responds to us in electronic print.


The Politico's Michael Calderone on Sunday wrote the following headline and first paragraph. With what would appear to have been a straight face.

Fox's Sammon bashes MSM; Todd calls it 'absurd attack'

Fox News Washington managing editor Bill Sammon bashed the media's coverage of the tea party movement with unsubstantiated claims of bias during a panel on "Fox News Sunday."

"Unsubstantiated claims" of media bias against the TEA Party movement? Really? Seriously?

It may be time for Calderone to move off the media beat. He clearly hasn't been paying attention to major details of a major story for nearly a year.

I would offer he could be moved to Obituaries, but that too would entail coverage of the "MSM."

How has Calderone missed completely the now nearly ubiquitous presence of the sexually-explicit, derogatory term used by members of the "MSM" to describe the participants in said Movement? The in-person attacks on Party participants by the likes of CNN's Susan Roesgen (now no longer with the firm)? The over-arching denigrating words and deeds by people throughout the "MSM?"

There is so much "MSM" anti-TEA Party venom to substantiate Sammon's assertion, one hardly knows where to begin. So we will simply list, with links and dates, documentation aplenty below. 

(Cursory glance result: 52 NB stories.)

We hope Calderone avails himself hereof, and repents. In writing. Today.

CNN's Anderson Cooper: 'It's Hard to Talk When You're Tea-Bagging'

CNN's Crowley: NY 23's Hoffman the Choice of 'Tea Bag Partyers'?

Newsweek's Gross Confronted on 'Teabagging' Schtick

PBS Talks of GOP Takeovers -- and Their Eventual Ruin by 'Tea Baggers'

Taxpayer-Funded Immaturity: NPR Teaches Readers 'To Speak Tea Bag'

Shuster's 'Teabagging' Double Entendres: 'You're Going to Need a Dick Armey'

Rachel Maddow Shows Video of Man Being Teabagged in Gay Bar

MSNBC’s David Shuster Tweets His Attacks on ‘Teabaggers’ and Their ‘Teabag Leader’

MSNBC: The Place for Low-Brow 'Teabag' Humor

Olbermann: Scott Brown's A 'Homophobic, Racist, Teabagging Supporter of Violence Against Women'

Olbermann Renews 'Teabagging' Attack on Scott Brown, Cuts His Victory Speech

Influential NY Times Editor Calls Anti-Tax Protesters 'Tea-Baggers'

NJ.Com Reporter Uses Offensively Childish Term 'Teabagger' 7 Times in Story

Hartford Courant Reporter Uses Pejorative 'Tea-Bagger' Term in Story

MSNBC: Talk Radio and Tea Party Protests ‘Push Boundaries of Decency’

Chicago Trib's Page Claims 'Teabagger' Label 'Asked For'; Calls Fox News Arm of GOP

Matthews: Every 'Teabagger' is White, 'What's That About?'

Maddow: Tea Party Conventioneers Are Racists In White Hoods

Ad for Chris Matthews Special Derides Tea Party Protesters Who Are ‘Threatened’ by Black President

Garofalo: Led by Limbaugh, 'Tea-Baggers' a 'White Power Movement' Motivated by 'Racism'

Garofalo: Tea Party Protesters 'Functionally Retarded Adults'; Says 'I Want My Country Back' Code for 'I Want My White Guy Back'

Garofalo: Tea Party Goers Are Racists Who Hate Black President

Garofalo Attacks Tea Partiers Again: 'Racist Backward Motherf**kers'

Ed Schultz: Tea Partiers Are 'Ignorant' 'Hateful' 'Wingnuts'

NPR's Totenberg Dismisses Tea Parties as 'Cockamamie'

Matthews Admits to 'Power' of Fox News in Rise of 'Crazy' Tea Partiers
CNN Correspondent Claims Tea Parties 'Anti-Government,' 'Anti-CNN'
Tea Parties? What Tea Parties? Predictably, Established Media Coverage of Tea Party Protests Is Sparse
No 'Tea Party' in NY Times, But Room for Leftist 'Bus Tour' of AIG Homes
NY Times Finally Marks Anti-Spending Tea Party...With Merciless Mockery
Gay-Friendly Protest Coverage of NY Times in Sharp Contrast to Sour 9-12 Rally Treatment
WaPo Skipped Tea Party Protests, But Gives Big Play to...Opponents of Male Circumcision?
Washington Post Home Page Buries Massive 9-12 Rally in Teeny-Weeny Type
Chicago Tribune Ignores Thousands at Tea Party Express Protest
NBC's Chuck Todd Says Tea Parties Haven't 'Caught On'
ABC, CBS and NBC Try to Discredit 'Tea Party' Protests
CNN Questions 'Rationality' of Tea Parties, Hints They're 'Out of Step'
NY Times Says Tea Parties 'More About Group Therapy' and Anger Than Solutions
CNN’s Begala: Tea Party Goers ‘Wimpy, Whiny, Weasels Who Don’t Love Their Country’
Seattle P-I Greets Visitors with Criticism of Tea Parties
Summary of the April 15 TEA Parties Media Coverage
NBC, CNN and MSNBC All Assign Communist LaRouche's Obama-Hitler Poster to Conservatives, Limbaugh
CBS Joins NBC, CNN & MSNBC in Mis-Ascribing Leftist LaRouche's Poster to Conservatives
CNN Zeroes-In on 'Dark Undercurrent' of Tea Parties
NYT's Mark Leibovich Mines Florida Tea Party for Paranoia, Racism Anecdotes

Newsweek’s Meacham Scoffs ‘Tea Party Would Disagree if You Served Coffee,’ Insists Obama ‘Centrist’

CNN Covers July 4 Tea Parties, But Anchor Hopes 'They'll Clear Out of the Way' for Fireworks

Predictable: MSNBC’s Shuster, Newsweek’s Gross Belittle and Misconstrue Tea Party Efforts

Time Disparages Tea Party as Impotent; Smears Palin's ‘Anti-Intellectual Drivel' as ‘Anti-American'

For Third Time in Less Than a Week, MSNBC Tries to Link Conservatives and Birthers, Touts Embarrassing Video of Sarah Palin

DMN's Slater Lumps Tea Party Protesters With Holocaust Museum, Tiller Shootings

Stephen Moore Challenges Matthews to Attend Tea Party, Chris Retorts: 'Stay In Your Box!'

Mister Calderone, grab your pen and commence to correcting.

UPDATE: According to NBer Rush Fan, Calderone published the following addendum to his original article:

UPDATE 2: "NewsBusters isn't happy.

Seton Motley writes that I should be cast off the media beat because I don't agree that the MSM, as a whole, "hates" the tea party movement, and said that Sammon made "unsubstantiated" claims of bias. Motley then provides a laundry list of examples to support his case.

While I agree that Olbermann, Garofalo and partisan commentators on his list have been over-the-top here, I'm more interested in reporting of the tea party movement. There are some links to reported stories, too.

But does the coverage, whether from CNN or Politico or the New York Times at this weekend's convention, show such hatred? Was it biased? Was the New Yorker's 7,000-plus-word piece on the movement a hateful rant?

I have no problem with Motley, or Media Matters, or whoever, criticizing MSM coverage. I just don't agree with Sammon that the media "hates" tea party movement."

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