CNN's 'Anti-Government' TEA Party Reporter: Obama as Hitler? 'Offensive' - Bush as Hitler? 'Look-Alike'

April 16th, 2009 12:31 PM

CNN reporter Susan Roesgen became a pseudo-"journalistic" anti-hero yesterday for her obnoxiously belligerent interview of one Taxed Enough Already (TEA) Party participant and her overall assessment of the more than 750 events around the country as amongst other derogatory things "anti-government." 

But in another segment, she delved into rank hypocrisy the likes of which we rarely find even in the woefully biased liberal media pantheon.

In it she sought out another TEA Party participant who had a mocked-up sign in which President Barack Obama is melded with Adolf Hitler.  She immediately began arguing with this gentleman as well; amongst the things she angrily said were "Why be so hard on the President of the United States with such an offensive message?" and "Do you realize how offensive that is?"

We will admit that portraying President Obama as Der Fuhrer is a bit over the top.  But Miss Roesgen's sensitivity to being "so hard on the President of the United States with such an offensive message" seems only to arise when the Hitler-izing involves Democratic Commanders-in-Chief. | Media Research Center
Not So Offensive to Miss Roesgen's
Sense and Sensibilities

Let us flashback, shall we, to January 13, 2006.  When the very same Miss Roesgen filed a report on a New Orleans post-Katrina protest.  In which she proffered:

"City officials aren’t the only ones wondering when federal money will materialize. Catholic school girls marched on Jackson Square. They and their teachers say more money is needed to fix the levees, and they hoped the President would stop by after his meeting with business leaders. But while a look-alike showed up with a wad of cash, Mr. Bush did not." ()

The "look-alike" to which Miss Roesgen referred is pictured at right.  As in Bush with an Adolf Hitler mustache (and Satan devil horns). 

Miss Roesgen did not chastise the porter of the giant BusHitler cranium for being so offensively hard on the President.  Quite the contrary; she obviously saw him/her/It as furthering the story she wished to tell.  So she directly referenced him/her/It in her alleged "news" report.

Oh what a difference a Party makes for Miss Roesgen's hyper-sensitivity to Presidential affronts.

H/t Adam Weiss for the video kick-in.