FLASHBACK: Last Impeachment Reminded NY Times of 'Nazi Germany'

January 25th, 2020 12:15 PM

Liberals in the media seem excited about the 2019 impeachment of Donald Trump, hailing the effort and those behind it. Quite a contrast to the angry tone of Bill Clinton’s 1999 trial in the Senate. Twenty one years ago today, New York Times writer Ginger Thompson went so far as to feature a quote comparing the Clinton impeachment to Nazi Germany. (It should be pointed out, this was in the first sentence of a front page story.) 

Here it is: 



So, a constitutionally prescribed part of our government is equal to the evil acts that led to the Holocaust?  Journalists in 1999 were not exactly reasonable in how they covered the Clinton impeachment. They just happened to have a point of view that is 180 degrees from our current impeachment. Both views, not coincidentally, favor the Democrats. 

Thompson’s front page story continued:  

“'It is apparent that the bulldozing campaign by the Republicans will not end,' said Ms. Mendel, a psychotherapist. And in a moment of self-analysis, she added: 'Their efforts are so abusive that I was beginning to feel a sense of discouragement. I have been feeling very isolated.'
"Sunday Ms. Mendel and scores of other New Yorkers who support Clinton gathered at Hunter College to vent their outrage and discuss new ways to get their views heard in Washington.” 

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