Suck Up Liberal Jimmy Kimmel Fawns Over ‘Fun Grandma’ Elizabeth Warren

Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t even try anymore. If you are a conservative, he hates you. If you’re a liberal, he’ll turn into a lame PR machine that sounds more like an Access Hollywood hack. On Tuesday, the comedy host featured far-left Senator Elizabeth Warren for two segments. Kimmel offered no tough questions and, instead, traded compliments with the “fun grandma.” 

How liberal is Kimmel now? The two discussed Donald Trump’s inauguration and the beginning of the resistance. Warren cited Kimmel as a member in good standing: “They took to the streets. And then everybody else starts coming out. We start doing rallies around health care. You start talking about health care.” 



Kimmel did his best to portray Warren as fun and relatable. He wondered: “Are you a fun grandma?” 

Even the requisite speculation about Warren running for president came with a shot at Trump: 

JIMMY KIMMEL: I know everybody asks you if you're going to run for president. I know you're running for senator right now. 


KIMMEL: That's what you're focused on. 


KIMMEL: In the chance that you do one day run for president of the United States, have you ever paid off a porn star?


In April, he drooled over Joe Kennedy and wondered: “When are you going to run for President?” 

How does Kimmel treat conservatives? He said of another senator: “Ted Cruz masturbates to poor people without health care.” 

He’s called Republicans “mentally ill” and said of attacking the GOP in general: “You can’t go too far.” 

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