ABC: Hillary Is ‘Above the Fray,’ ‘Cautiously Optimistic’

The journalists on Good Morning America, Friday, spun Hillary Clinton as staying “above the fray” in her battle with Bernie Sanders, saying the former Secretary of State was cautiously optimistic.” CBS This Morning saw the Democratic fight as almost “affectionate” when compared to the Republicans. On NBC’s Today, Andrea Mitchell playfully boxed with Sanders. 

GMA’s Cecilia Vega excitedly said of Clinton: “She's even gone to the point where she called Bernie Sanders my friend. She's not talking about him as much on the campaign trail right now. She's going above the fray.” Regarding Iowa, the journalist touted, “They are cautiously optimistic, she is bringing in the big guns.” 

Over on CBS This Morning, Nancy Cordes allowed that the Democratic race is getting “rougher.” However, she snidely compared, “There is a lot of selective moral outrage right now from both sides accusing the other of playing dirty. But the truth is, Charlie, that their attacks seem almost affectionate compared what we hear from the GOP candidates about each other” 

On NBC’s Today, Andrea Mitchell saw “Bernie Sanders on the attack.” She highlighted an elderly woman being comforted by Clinton, describing it as “connecting with one voter who is having trouble paying her bills.” Later, Mitchell playfully boxed with Sanders as he touted a medical report showing him in good health. 

As for the Republicans, the networks gave the Trump boycott three times more coverage than the actual debate. 

A transcript of the GMA segment is below: 


GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Meanwhile, Cecilia Vega, she was not on the stage either, but Hillary Clinton came in for a lot of fire last night as well. 

CECILIA VEGA: Oh, she sure had a bunch of attacks and I think we have one ready to go. Her campaign tweeted this image of Donald Trump out last night and with it, there you go. Right there. They say, she says “trying not to throw my remote at the TV.” That is what they were talking about. This really plays into her narrative. She's even gone to the point where she called Bernie Sanders "my friend." She's not talking about him as much on the campaign trail right now. She’s going above the fray. She’s looking at Republicans. She’s even looking past Iowa, I think, into this general and this helps her last night.  

STEPHANOPOULOS: They’re locked in a pretty tight race, but most of the polls show she has a slight lead and you’re right. She's now moved into a different phase. What are the plans for the final three days? 

VEGA: They are cautiously optimistic, she is bringing in the big guns. We're going to see her on the trail for the very first time since her announcement with Bill and Chelsea this week. They’re looking well past Iowa. They know the race is really tight. I think they realize this could be a loss for them. They are not bracing for it yet, but they are ready if it happens. 

STEPHANOPOULOS: And Matt, on both sides, final three days, what’s the biggest unknown? 

VEGA: I think the biggest unknown on both sides is turnout. We don't know. Everything about Bernie Sanders' victory is dependent on new voters and Donald Trump’s victory is totally dependent on new voters. And depending on how those show up, it goes in two different directions. 

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