Prepares Readers to Challenge Their 'Crazy' Conservative Relatives

Armed with so-called 'facts' disguised as the same liberal talking points we're all too familiar with, MSNBC's staff of bloggers published an article yesterday that detailed the top 10 comebacks that are guaranteed to confound and demoralize any Republican relative who dares to speak ill of Obama at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

The "Lean Forward" network won't let their bias take a rest even for the holidays, nevermind that politics is hardly polite conversation for the dinner table on any given holiday, let alone Thanksgiving. But family harmony is a small price to pay for dutifully defending President Obama to your relatives who aren't buying into the hope-and-change mantra.

With what they obviously consider their unique insight into the conservative psyche, the MSNBC bloggers collaborated to predict exactly what this relative may say once the inevitable political discussion has begun. In order to conclude the conversation swiftly, they recommended a particular set of responses.

Topics included but were not limited to: voter fraud, job numbers, climate change, bipartisanship (or lack thereof), tax hikes, health care, and entitlements. There's a 'zinger' related to each and every one of them that is all but promised to discredit, disprove, and ultimately help one triumph over any stereotypical conservative with irrefutable anecdotal evidence, all thanks to the notoriously opinionated folks of MSNBC. For instance, number 5 stated:

When He Says: Obama promised to be post-partisan, but he’s completely unwilling to work with Republicans.

You Say: Obama spent all of 2009 and much of 2010 trying to compromise with Republicans on   the stimulus, health-care reform, deficit reduction, and financial reform. Meanwhile, even before Obama took office, the GOP held a meeting where they agreed on a strategy of knee-jerk opposition as a way to beat Obama in 2012. If he was for it, we had to be against it, as one participant explained it. Wanna blame someone for the lack of bipartisanship? Look at your own party.

The prevailing theme throughout the list was incredibly straightforward: an adamant and condescending defense of an administration that desperately needs some defending as it heads into a second term.

Additionally, nowhere in the piece do the bloggers envision a female conservative as a sparring partner at the dinner table. Perhaps the "war on women" network just can't imagine a scenario in which a liberal MSNBC fan is going up head-to-head against a conservative woman who doesn't buy into the network's incessant malarkey.

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