CNN Has Double-Digit Monthly Ratings Loss in Primetime … Again

June 5th, 2019 9:20 AM

If it weren’t for bad luck, CNN would have no luck at all -- especially when it comes to ratings during the network’s vitally important primetime schedule.

In May, the channel lost 16 percent of its weekday evening audience from the previous month, falling to just 761,000 viewers and winding up dead last among such cable networks as liberal rival MSNBC and the dominant Fox News Channel.

According to an article by our friend John Nolte at Breitbart on Tuesday, they're having quite the rough time (click “expand”):

The embattled CNN, which always lands in far-last place and axed more than 100 jobs already this year, had about as bad of a ratings month as is possible in May.

Its primetime hours were only able to average a measly 761,000 viewers, while the fake news outlet’s total day viewers dove nine percent (compared to this same month last year) to just 559,000 viewers.

For comparison purposes, Fox News earned three times as many primetime viewers (2.34 million) and more than twice as many total day viewers (1.34 million). What’s more, when compared to this same month last year, Fox lost none of its primetime viewers and only four percent of its total day viewers.


How does a nationally known brand like CNN, a brand that is decades old, only manage to attract 761,000 viewers throughout a gonzo news month in a country of over 300 million?


There are many answers to this sad state of affairs for the once-proud network with one example being an visit to NewsBusters for the outrageous bias spewed on CNN daily. But for Nolte, his answer was that the channel has list “all of its moral authority and every bit of trust it once had.”

Nolte noted that during the past six years, from “as soon as Jeff Zucker took over [as president], CNN got every major national story exactly wrong.”

To prove his point, he described each important news story during that time as reported by that network, including the following (links added to NewsBusters articles on the topic):

“And in every one of those cases,” he continued, “CNN got it deliberately wrong” because the liberal network “is nothing less than a hysterical propaganda outlet, a fire hose of hate, violence and lies” and thus has crashed and burned “in every possible metric -- including integrity, decency, honesty and humanity.”

While noting that the channel “is only competing with two other cable news networks, the fake news outlet’s top-rated program, Cuomo Prime Time, crash-landed in 25th place, averaging only 938,000 viewers" with Chris Cuomo as host.

He added: “The top 24 slots are all filled with shows from Fox News and MSNBC -- and Fox holds seven of the top ten” in part because the FNC “earned three times as many primetime viewers (2.34 million) and more than twice as many total day viewers (1.34 million).”

Nolte stated that The Lead host Jake Tapper was “the guy Zucker put at 4 p.m. hoping he’d act as a primetime anchor as a lead-in for the rest of the night.”

However, that program “landed in a pathetic 36th place with only 706,000 average viewers, which is 55,000 fewer viewers than CNN’s primetime average.”

Nevertheless, Nolte saved his sharpest barbs for CNN’s morning show -- New Day -- which he called “a laughingstock” because it only averages 485,000 viewers.

As further proof of his claim, the editor noted that the program “is losing by about 80,000 viewers to Fox & Friends First, which airs at -- get this -- 4 a.m.”

As NewsBusters reported a month ago, the ratings tumble for CNN was already in full swing during April, when the network lost 26 percent of its viewers.